Chapter 1725: “Distrust (1)”

    Chapter 1725: "Distrust (1)"

    "Are you still shook?" Gu Ying asked as he looked at Zi Jin with his head slightly tilted.

    Zi Jin lowered her head and shook her head slightly.

    Gu Ying laughed lightly and said: "Hurry up and go back then."

    Zi Jin raised up her head and looked at Gu Ying's face with his brilliant smile, her gaze hesitant. At the moment her eyes met Gu Ying, her heart fluttered and she quickly lowered her head back down as she ran away.

    Gu Ying remained standing in his spot as he looked at the flustered Zi Jin running off, and the brilliant and gentle smile on his face slowly changed bit by bit.

    "Shadow Moon Palace..... Kek."

    Zi Jin's heart was jumping all over in a fluster the entire way she went running back to the room, the strange feeling in her heart still not fading away. Remembering that she had gone out to bring back some food for Yue Yi and she had come back empty handed, she continued towards Yue Yi's room feeling rather awkward.

    Inside Yue Yi's room, Jun Wu Xie had just finished with the initial stages of treatment for Yue Yi.

    When Zi Jin saw Jun Wu, her heart skipped a beat, but the subtle feelings that shrouded her heart towards Jun Wu once before had now unknowingly disappeared. The feelings that filled her heart now instead went towards the youth she had accidentally bumped into at the garden.

    Zi Jin had lived in the Spirit Jade Palace from a very young age and because of the Spirit Jade Palace, she held great animosity against the disciples of the Twelve Palaces. But without knowing the reason why, towards that bright and splendid youth, she could not make herself feel the slightest bit of dislike against him. She could still remember, when she had first met Gu Ying, Gu Ying had been at loggerheads with Zhuge Yin, which caused her to be unable to help herself but think, that the Twelve Palaces might not be completely bereft of pure and simple people.

    "About the..... porridge..... There was no one in the kitchen." Zi Jin did not dare to meet Jun Wu's eyes and could only avert her gaze. She did not want Jun Wu to know about what had happened in the garden earlier because of the detestable things Zhuge Yin had done, and at the same time she did not want Jun Wu to know that she had had an interaction with Gu Ying.

    Afterall, Gu Ying was from the Blood Fiend Palace and Jun Wu saw the people from the Twelve Palaces as his enemies.

    "I've already gotten someone to go prepare it." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently, not showing much of a reaction to Zi Jin's words.

    With Yue Yi's current condition, in order for him to recover as quickly as possible, medicinal cuisine was required. And for the kind of medicinal cuisine that Jun Wu Xie created, besides herself, only Ye Sha and Ye Mei knew how to prepare it, the two of them having been taught step by step under Jun Wu Xie's tutelage.

    "Har? Oh." Zi Jin was slightly taken aback, not knowing what she should say. She could only lower her head in silence, a strange emotion coming over her heart.

    In just a while, Ye Gu came walking in carrying a bowl of highly aromatic and fragrant porridge. The smell was different from regular plain porridge, its scent tinged with a slight trace of bitterness.

    When Zi Jin smelled that scent, she immediately lifted her head up, to look towards the bowl of porridge.

    Ye Gu did not pay any attention to Zi Jin's gaze as he went on to come to Yue Yi's bedside. He looked at Jun Wu Yao seated upon the chair with his legs propped lazily upon his knee and then turned to look at Jun Wu Xie beside Jun Wu Yao. He sighed in helplessness inside his heart and raised up the bowl of porridge in resignation as he sat on the edge of Yue Yi's bed, picking up the spoon to assume the job of a nanny.

    "Hold it!" Suddenly, Zi Jin shouted.

    Ye Gu turned to look at Zi Jin in puzzlement.

    Zi Jin's gaze was fixed upon the bowl of porridge. The porridge was rather special, not cooked with the regular types of grain. The colour of the porridge was also faintly tinged with a trace of green, which made Zi Jin feel that something was not right.

    "What is this?" Zi Jin raised her head to look at Jun Wu, her eyes questioning, and looking a little sharp.

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes slightly, and seeing that Zi Jin's gaze was looking slightly different, she opened her mouth to slowly ask: "What are you worried about?"
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