Chapter 1726: “Distrust (2)”

    Chapter 1726: "Distrust (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie's words startled Zi Jin slightly as the gaze she looked at Jun Wu Xie with slowly wavered.

    What was she worried about? Even she herself could not explain it clearly. Actually, at the same moment those words left her mouth, Zi Jin already regretted them. But words that had been spoken was just like water that had been spilt, impossible to retrieve back.


    "Bring it here." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Ye Gu.

    Ye Gu walked over to come before Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie then stretched her hand out to scoop out a spoonful to put into her mouth before swallowing it.

    She knew what Zi Jin was questioning about.

    "Will this do?" Jun Wu Xie asked Zi Jin with an eyebrow arched.

    Zi Jin's face flushed a deep red, endless embarrassment rising up and filling up her heart.

    Lying upon the bed, Yue Yi witnessed all of it, the disapproval obvious in his eyes. He could not understand what could have actually happened that caused Zi Jin to distrust Jun Wu so much.

    The question that Zi Jin had thrown out just now, had obviously been because she suspected someone had spiked the porridge.

    "I..... I am not....." Zi Jin was feeling rather panicked, and feeling rather guilty.

    "Go give it to Yue Yi." Jun Wu Xie did not even look at her as she stretched her hand out to hand the spoon to Ye Gu.

    Ye Gu had not even had the time to reach his hand out to receive it when a large hand suddenly took the spoon from Jun Wu Xie's hand before him.

    With a loud crack, the white porcelain spoon was crushed to dust by that large hand, the fine dust particles seeping out through the gaps between the fingers to fall onto the floor.

    "Apologies, I wasn't able to control my strength for a moment. Go fetch another one." Jun Wu Yao who had completely crushed the spoon with his hand said as he looked smilingly at Jun Wu Xie, his words seemingly meant for Ye Gu's ears, only that his tone of voice did not sound the least bit apologetic.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at Jun Wu Yao a moment, finding herself speechless.

    Ye Gu looked at Jun Wu Xie and then turned his gaze upon Jun Wu Yao before he self consciously put the bowl of porridge upon the table, and quickly turned to run out of the room to go get a new spoon.

    Ye Gu had just stepped outside the door when he saw Ye Mei standing right outside looking highly displeased as he glared at him.

    "What did that wench mean by that? Is she scoffing at my culinary skills?" Ye Mei had heard everything clearly from outside the door and he did not have to even think to know exactly what had happened inside the room.

    With him being a proud member of the Night Regime, when he was dominating the battlefields, it was not even known where the ancestors of that little wench were still playing with mud! If this had been before, who dared to question what he did? There was no need to even talk about the dishes cooked by him, even if it was a fistful of dirt he had casually picked up from anywhere, there would be a whole bunch of people fighting to go chomp on it.

    And this abominable wench dared to still scoff?

    Seeing Ye Mei looking so infuriated, Ye Gu could was at a loss for words. If truth was to be told, when he saw the scene where Ye Mei hid himself in the kitchen as he worked and waved the wok, his eyes had almost popped out of his head. He really had not known that one of his most stalwart lieutenants had possessed such a "domesticated" skill.

    "Cool it. Can't you see even boss here had to personally feed food to that kid lying on the bed?" Ye Sha's reaction was a lot calmer as he stood with his arms folded across his chest while looking at Ye Gu who had a twitch at the corner of his mouth.

    Throughout the entire world, people who were able to enjoy such service from the boss of the Night Regime were truly few and far between.

    The shade on Ye Gu's face turned an uglier shade. He stared at Ye Sha and said: "Later, both of you had better cover your eyes! Don't come staring as you please!"

    Ye Sha shrugged his shoulders to indicate he would do as he was told and Ye Mei had no choice but to shut his mouth.

    From the look of things, it seemed that Ye Gu was in a worse position than them. With that for him to compare with, Ye Mei finally felt a little less indignant about the whole thing.
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