Chapter 1727: “Distrust (3)”

    Chapter 1727: "Distrust (3)"

    The atmosphere within the room was a little awkward as Zi Jin stood there feeling at a loss, not daring to move not say anything, but to just lower her head with her face beet red.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the state Zi Jin was in as she slowly took a sip of her tea before she said: "Zi Jin, do you still remember for what reason did you follow me here to the Pure Grace Palace?"

    Jun Wu Xie's voice was rather chilly and Zi Jin could not help but shiver when she heard it. Zi Jin did not dare to raise her head but only to nod slightly.

    "If you still remember it, then you should know very clearly what position you should be taking in all of this. You are merely just an observer and the only reason I allowed you to come here is for you to go back and tell everything you've seen here to people who should know about it. If you do not even know this, I can send you back right now and exchange for a more suitable candidate here." Jun Wu Xie was not bothered whether her ally understood her. She was not used to explaining her actions to others and she felt that there was no such need.

    In an alliance, the most important component required besides the benefits to both parties, would be trust. She did not care how Zi Jin judged her as long as the young girl did not impede her actions. Even if Zi Jin did not like her deep in her heart, Jun Wu Xie did not feel that there was anything she should be unhappy about.

    But now, Zi Jin's emotions had gotten the better of her judgement where she had even begun to question Jun Wu Xie's intentions. This was not the kind of ally that Jun Wu Xie wanted.

    One that second guessed her, distrusted her, and had even queried and interfered with her actions was one that she did not need to continue to keep beside her.

    All colour drained out from Zi Jin's face in an instant. She raised up her head in panic to look at Jun Wu Xie. She had not thought that her single moment of rashness would cause Jun Wu to immediately deliver such a strict and severe judgement of her.

    Jun Wu had always not spoken much all this time and her personality was so cold and indifferent that it made one easily forget that he would have a temper. His excessively calm and rational demeanor would instead create an illusion of the lack of restraint to others and it was exactly because of that that Zi Jin's heart had grown little by little over time to become presumptuous.

    Never expecting to find out that Jun Wu had absolutely no intention of giving her the chance to clarify the truth.

    "No! Young Master Jun! I've realized my mistake! Please give me another chance! I will not dare to shoot my mouth off with such nonsense anymore." Zi Jin pleaded as she looked at Jun Wu, her face pale. She had been the one that personally promised the Palace Lord she would accompany Jun Wu to come to the Pure Grace Palace. But only a few days had passed and if she was booted back by Jun Wu just like that, how was she going to answer to the Palace Lord?

    Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at Zi Jin, looking completely unmoved.

    "You do not trust me."

    Zi Jin's entire body stiffened, thinking to say something, but could not make herself utter a single word.

    [It's true. She does not trust Jun Wu.]

    Ever since that day at the arena stage, everything that she knew of Jun Wu had undergone a drastic change. She could no longer treat Jun Wu as a trusted ally. Jun Wu's actions had terrified her, making her see how ruthless Jun Wu really was. They were just allies, who made use of each other, cooperating partners who exploited each other for benefits.

    Not companions.

    "The fact that you do not trust me, does not bother me. I do not need you to trust me. But I will not allow anyone to interfere with my actions. Do you understand?" Jun Wu Xie looked at Zi Jin frostily, her tone of voice almost icy.

    Zi Jin turned even paler as she nodded her head with a tremble, her eyes brimming up with tears. She finally came to realize just how numerous the disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace was! Jun Wu only needed someone from the Spirit Jade Palace and any one from the Spirit Jade Palace would be able to satisfy that criteria, not like it had to be her alone.

    Having volunteered for this on her own initiative, she had no way of backing out of it.
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