Chapter 1728: “Distrust (4)”

    Chapter 1728: "Distrust (4)"

    Unable to answer to the Palace Lord, and she would not be able to face her sisters back in the palace at all. Before anyone else had known about the matter, she had already made a promise for all of this on her own initiative, so how could she possibly back down now?

    Zi Jin's hands gripped her skirt tightly as her tears flowed down her cheeks silently.

    There wasn't the slightest tinge of sympathy in Jun Wu Xie's eyes and it was only after several moments that she finally said: "This is the first time, and there won't be a second."

    Zi Jin nodded her head, understanding in her heart that that meant Jun Wu had relented.

    "You can go now." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Zi Jin trembled as she got to her feet and silently retreated out from the room.

    "Zi Jin she....." Yue Yi who was lying on the bed said hesitantly. He did not understand why Zi Jin did not trust Jun Wu when Zi Jin had obviously known Jun Wu earlier than he did. Even he could see it clearly so how could she not understand?

    "You do not have to bother with it and just concentrate on nursing your injuries." Jun Wu Xie said, looking at Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi did not say anything more as in this cooperation, it was a deal with just Jun Wu alone and his relationship with Zi Jin was one step further removed. Since that was one of Jun Wu's people, he would naturally not be in a position to say anything.

    Jun Wu Xie stood up and pulled Jun Wu Yao sitting beside her along to leave Yue Yi's room. After leaving Yue Yi's room, Jun Wu Xie led Jun Wu Yao back to her own room and closed the door behind them.

    "You are thinking of killing her?" Jun Wu Xie lifted her head to look into Jun Wu Yao's jet black eyes. When Zi Jin had questioned her earlier, Jun Wu Xie had strongly felt the thick intense murder emanating out from Jun Wu Yao. Although what he crushed to dust earlier had been only a spoon, Jun Wu Xie was clearly aware that what he wanted to crush even more at that moment was Zi Jin.

    Jun Wu Yao stretched his hand out to wrap Jun Wu Xie into his embrace as he said softly: "That's right."

    For such a moronic girl, what right did she have to continue to live before Jun Wu Xie's sight?

    "I want to kill, but you would not allow me to do it. Little Xie, weren't your obvious efforts in immediately admonishing and chasing her away because you were afraid I would strike before you could act, to kill that dumb trash?" Jun Wu Yao twirled Jun Wu Xie's hair around his finger, as a violet glint flashed very briefly within his jet black eyes.

    He was so used to wanton tyranny, killing off anyone whom he found an eyesore, with the sole exception of things that concerned Jun Wu Xie, he displayed a high level of patience. If Zi Jin today was not linked to Jun Wu Xie in any way, the moment Zi Jin had opened her mouth, her throat would have been slit.

    Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath. She had berated Zi Jin so sternly just now, was to establish her stance on this matter to Jun Wu Yao clearly.

    "She is a disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace and my agreement with the Spirit Jade Palace Lord to cooperate still stands. Zi Jin had followed me here and if I am to freely allow you to kill her, I will not be able to explain it to the Spirit Jade Palace Lord."

    "Then have him killed as well and you will not have to answer anything." Jun Wu Yao said with a light laugh. In his eyes, the so called Spirit Jade Palace was merely a bug he could easily squash to death."

    Jun Wu Xie instead shook her head.

    "Enemies can be killed, but not allies."

    Jun Wu Xie had her own principles that she insisted upon. When she chose to cooperate with anyone, before the other party did anything wrong, she would not unilaterally decide to shred up their agreement. To her, it was a matter of integrity.

    If she allowed herself to kill off an ally here today, where was she going to be able to find herself anymore allies in the future?

    "As you wish, everything shall be as you want them to be. But....." Jun Wu Yao's words took a sudden change in direction.
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