Chapter 1729: “Distrust (5)”

    Chapter 1729: "Distrust (5)"

    "As you wish, everything shall be as you want them to be. But....." Jun Wu Yao's words took a sudden change in direction.

    "If in the future when your cooperation with the Spirit Jade Palace comes to an end, they would then no longer be your ally. I can kill them then right?" It was already not easy for Jun Wu Yao to be able to suppress the urge to kill in his heart for Jun Wu Xie's sake but asking him to give up on the thought completely was something impossible for him.

    Especially when Zi Jin had been so disrespectful to Jun Wu Xie!

    Jun Wu Xie sighed a long sigh, not giving a straight reply to Jun Wu Yao's query.

    Her cooperation with the Spirit Jade Palace would continue to be in place till the day the Twelve Palaces were destroyed and she did not know how long more it would be. By that time, whether Jun Wu Yao would even remember that a person like Zi Jin even exists was still a question.

    Afterall, after they leave the Pure Grace Palace, Jun Wu Xie did not think that she would let Zi Jin continue to remain by her side.

    Sparing Zi Jin her life, was not because Jun Wu Xie was showing kindness to her, but only because of the Spirit Jade Palace.

    But it was not known whether Zi Jin truly understood just how precarious the life she had just barely managed to keep had been earlier.

    After Zi Jin left Yue Yi's room, her tears continued to fall silently. Disciples from other palaces became rather curious when they saw her in that state but no one dared to go forward to initiate a conversation.

    Zi Jin held her head low, quietly wiping at her tears, to accidentally bump straight into a set of broad shoulders.

    Zi Jin raised her head and suddenly discovered that the person standing before her was the very same Gu Ying who had reached out to save her earlier in the garden!

    Gu Ying's smiling eyes fell upon Zi Jin's face as he looked at Zi Jin who was raining with tears and his brows creased up slightly.

    "What's wrong? Have you suffered any kind of injustice? What are you so sad about?" Gu Ying asked as he raised a hand, and while Zi Jin was still stunned in surprise, he gently wiped away the tear at the corner of Zi Jin's eye.

    Zi Jin stood there foolishly as she stared at Gu Ying looking almost like a celestial god, and in an instant, the feelings of aggrievement in her heart suddenly seemed to surge even stronger under the gentle concern from Gu Ying, her tears breaking the dam to flow down her cheeks endlessly.

    "Beautiful girls should not be crying so hard or they would no longer be beautiful." Gu Ying said with a light laugh.

    His words coaxed a laugh out of Zi Jin. Her face was obviously all streaked with tears and the mask on her face was plain and highly unremarkable, but Gu Ying had called her a beautiful girl.

    "You don't need to console me, I am not beautiful in anyway." Zi Jin said as she wiped her tears away.

    Gu Ying smiled and went on to say. "A person's beauty is not judged based on one's looks but on the inside. One's looks will age easily."

    Zi Jin bit on her lip.

    "Do you have time?" Gu Ying saw that Zi Jin's mood had seemingly improved and he asked gently.

    Zi Jin looked at Gu Ying with a look of bewilderment.

    "It is not known whether I could have the honour to be able to accompany this beautiful girl here to go admire the flowers?" Gu Ying said gracefully as he stretched his hand out.

    Zi Jin looked at Gu Ying in surprise and a flush of red bloomed upon her face, her eyes filled with shock and bashfulness. She stood frozen in shock for a good while before she was able to sufficiently suppress the fluttering in her heart to shake her head hesitantly.

    "I still have something to do and I'm afraid today....."

    "Then tomorrow?"

    Faced with that brilliant smile on the youth, Zi Jin really could not refuse him and she could do nothing but nod her head.

    "I'll wait for you tomorrow then." Gu Ying said with a smile.

    Zi Jin murmured a soft "Mm" in acknowledgement and then ran away highly embarrassed.

    Gu Ying stared at Zi Jin's departing back and the smile in his eyes grew more intense, but it was a smile that would not make people yearn to see.

    "What are you doing?" A voice suddenly sounded out from behind Gu Ying.

    Gu Ying turned his head, to discover Gu Xin Yan standing right behind him, her face looking highly displeased.

    "What do you think?" Gu Ying asked as the corners of his mouth curled up while gazing at his younger sister lazily.
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