Chapter 1730: “Distrust (6)”

    Chapter 1730: "Distrust (6)"

    "That was a disciple from the Shadow Moon Palace and we have never had any dealings with the Shadow Moon Palace before, so what are you planning?" Gu Xin Yan asked with her brows pinched together as she looked at Gu Ying. The scene earlier had rather shocked Gu Xin Yan. An expression so gentle, something that she had never seen on Gu Ying's face before, so unfamiliar and yet terrifying.

    The kind of personality that Gu Ying had, was something that couldn't be any clearer to her. Cruel bloodthirstiness ran deep in his bones and this sudden change that had come over him did not cause Gu Xin Yan to be pleasantly surprised, but instead made her feel that Gu Ying had so other ulterior motives.

    Gu Ying narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Gu Xin Yan who was highly guarded against him. He leaned his body forward to stare at Gu Xin Yan as he said: "What? I see a girl that I like and I can't pursue her?"

    When Gu Ying said those words, his tone was highly nonchalant, and not the least bit serious at all.

    Gu Xin Yan did not believe those words for a moment. Girls that were just like Zi Jin, how could Gu Ying have possibly not met any before? Among all those, the more fortunate ones were at least able to remain alive, continuing to fantasize, while some had already become victims under Gu Ying's bloodlust.

    If Gu Ying had truly fallen for Zi Jin, that would truly be the biggest joke under the heavens!

    "The Shadow Moon Palace had just gotten into a conflict with the Dragon Slayers Palace and I hope that you understand that we must not invite too much gossip to ourselves here in the Pure Grace Palace. People from the Flame Demons Palace are watching closely and if anything goes wrong here, neither you nor I will be able to shoulder the blame." Gu Xin Yan said, drawing in a deep breath. No matter to whom, Gu Ying was a highly dangerous person to be mixing with.

    Gu Ying lifted an eyebrow as he looked at the highly serious Gu Xin Yan.

    "You still haven't grown up yet. You still like to keep that old fella at the tip of your tongue all the time. My little princess, you're really just a child that will never grow up." Gu Ying said smilingly to Gu Xin Yan, his voice filled with mockery.

    Gu Xin Yan's face turned a pale shade, and her body immediately froze in spot.

    Gu Ying had had enough of teasing and without giving Gu Xin Yan another glance, he walked slowly away from Gu Xin Yan with a terrifying laughter trailing behind him.


    Because the previous arena matches had almost gotten someone killed, the Pure Grace Palace did not dare to use the same method to distract the Twelve Palaces' disciples' attention. They had no choice but to expend more manpower to carry out stricter surveillance and the only thing they could do for these hot blooded and exuberant youths was to arrange for more leisurely activities. Unfortunately, activities like admiring flowers and sightseeing did not attract much attention and most of them instead chose to remain within their rooms, to analyse and discuss with their companions about the current state of affairs.

    The Pure Grace Palace felt rather helpless with the situation and they could do nothing but silently pray that the ten days would pass more quickly, so that they could send all these gods of calamity away.

    Time trickled past by the seconds into minutes. The one that found it most agonizing of all was no one else but he who had been most arrogant and tyrannical, Zhuge Yin. After the incident at the arena, no matter where Zhuge Yin walked, he would see unfriendly stares being directed at him. The guarded gazes he saw everywhere, made Zhuge Yin highly frustrated.

    Zhuge Yin had absolutely no interest in the arrangements that the Pure Grace Palace had made, but against having him just do nothing but sit inside his room after he had been forced to swallow such a bitter pill, Zhuge Yin really felt like he was sitting on pins, a day feeling like a year. Even when the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Palace tried ways and means to cheer Zhuge Yin up, Zhuge Yin's face just turned more and more gloomy.

    After stewing under the agony for an extended period, Zhuge Yin could no longer endure it as he stood up and began pacing inside the room. Fei Yan sat calmly on one side as he peeled an orange, silently enjoying himself as he watched Zhuge Yin steaming up from aggrievement.

    "Young Lord!"

    A youth from the Dragon Slayers Palace came barging in looking highly flustered.
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