Chapter 1731: “Something Fishy (1)”

    Chapter 1731: "Something Fishy (1)"

    "What are you hollering for? I'm not dead yet!" Zhuge Yin retorted, highly vexed.

    The youth shrunk back, hesitant to speak.

    Zhuge Yin became more angry when he saw the youth's reaction. "Spit out what you have to say and stop acting like you're about to die."

    The youth felt very much like crying but he could only obediently say: "Young Lord, just earlier, I saw..... I saw Gu Ying....."

    "Don't even mention that sissy boy in front of me! Do you think I am not frustrated enough?" If it was said that the person Zhuge Ying hated the most within this Pure Grace Palace now was Jun Wu Xie, then the second in running would undisputedly have to be Gu Ying.

    Although Zhuge Yin really wanted to pull the relationship between the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace closer together, but no matter how hard he tried to meet up with Gu Xin Yan, Gu Ying was always planted right in between them. Even when he went to seek Gu Xin Yan when Gu Ying was not around, Gu Ying would somehow always suddenly appear, and with just a few words always drive Zhuge Yin to the verge of vomiting blood, wasting all the effort he had had to put in to adjust his mood before coming.

    Because of Gu Ying's hindrance, Zhuge Yin till now had not been able to pull his relationship with Gu Xin Yan closer in the slightest.

    Seeing that almost a good half of the ten days' time had already passed, how could Zhuge Yin not be anxious?

    Just hearing the two words Gu Ying lit a fire in him.

    "It's not that..... Young Lord, I just saw Gu Ying and that wench from the Shadow Moon Palace being together." The youth said hurriedly.

    "What?" Zhuge Yin's voice turned cold.

    Even Fei Yan who had been calmly eating oranges on one side had pricked up his ears upon hearing those words.

    "What are you trying to say? What do you mean by being together?" Zhuge Yin had noticed the subtlety of what he was being told and he immediately became interested.

    The youth then told Zhuge Yin in detail of everything that he had seen.

    In the past two days, Gu Ying had suddenly been frequently seen together with Zi Jin from the Shadow Moon Palace. Although there wasn't much interaction between the two, but they were often seen strolling together in the garden in the afternoons. The youths from the Dragon Slayers Palace had not paid it much attention at first but after bumping into them several times, they began to feel that something didn't feel quite right.

    They tailed the two of them from afar, thinking to hear what Gu Ying was saying to Zi Jin, but were unable to hear anything useful, but just often saw that Gu Ying was able to coax Zi Jin into laughter with just a few words.

    "Huh? I have always said that that Gu Ying acts strangely feminine all the time, could it be that fella has a problem with his eyes?" Zhuge Yin could naturally remember what kind of "looks" Zi Jin possessed. To be honest, based on his own standards, Zi Jin really would not be able to gain his interest at all. Besides the fact that her body might not be all that bad, there was absolutely no good points on the rest of her.

    But as the Blood Fiend Palace's Young Lord, Gu Ying would actually develop an interest towards such an unremarkable little lady from the Shadow Moon Palace, and was even taking the effort to arrange to meet up for strolls! ? How could Zhuge Yin not find it all too funny?

    Without having to talk about anyone else, just Gu Ying's younger sister, Gu Xin Yan, was already such a ravishing beauty. Immersed for so long within such beauty, Gu Ying could still fall for such a good for nothing wench, how interesting.

    "Didn't any of you hear what they were talking about?" Zhuge Yin went on to ask.

    The youth shook his head.

    "The two of them spoke in very soft voices and as Gu Ying possesses significant powers, we did not dare to get too close, afraid that we'll be discovered. Hence, we could only follow behind them from afar. But we happened to once hear them seemingly talking about the other people from the Shadow Moon Palace, but we were unable to grasp any details."

    Zhuge Yin rubbed at his chin. His sharp instinct was making him feel that something fishy was brewing under all this.
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