Chapter 1732: “Something Fishy (2)”

    Chapter 1732: "Something Fishy (2)"

    Zhuge Yin rubbed at his chin. His sharp instinct was making him feel that something fishy was brewing under all this.

    Fei Yan secretly creased up his brows as he listened to all that. Zi Jin was a person just beside Jun Wu Xie and from what he had heard from Qiao Chu, she seemed to be from the Spirit Jade Palace. He had seen that young lass before, she was still rather young with a bumbling pair of eyes filled with anxiety, and it could be immediately seen that she was still green and one who had not seen much of the world.

    And who was Gu Ying?

    That was a tough nut that even Jun Wu Xie would need to be careful with when dealing with him.

    How did these two people come to be paired together?

    If it was said that Gu Ying had fallen for Zi Jin, Fei Yan would never believe it for a moment even if you were to beat him to death. But how could such a guileless and foolish little girl like Zi Jin be able to outplay Gu Ying at all?

    In that instant, Fei Yan became a little anxious. It was not known whether Jun Wu Xie was aware of it and if not, that would be truly dangerous!

    Although Fei Yan was feeling highly nervous inside, he did not show it in the slightest outside. In his mind, he was already thinking how to deliver this piece of news into Jun Wu Xie's hands but alas, as Zhuge Yin had been in a rather foul mood these few days, when any of the other disciples appeared before him, they would only receive admonishments and harsh words with a few of them even lashed out at with fists and kicks. Fei Yan was the only exception that he could still stand to have accompanying him.

    Being watched by Zhuge Yin so tightly, the only chance he would be able to slip out would only be at night.

    "You guys continue to watch them. If you discover anything, come back immediately to tell me about it." Zhuge Yin waved his hand dismissively and the youth immediately retreated outside. Zhuge Yin's mood was greatly improved and he came to sit down on the chair beside Fei Yan.

    "Little Yan, what do you think is going on here?" Zhuge Yin had become used to asking for Fei Yan's opinion over this period of time.

    Fei Yan laughed lightly and then answered: "Against such things, how could I possibly understand anything?"

    Zhuge Yin smiled and the folding fan he had not used for quite a while was flicked open as he started fanning himself with it. "What kind of a person does Little Yan here think Gu Ying is?"

    "I don't know. The only thing I know is that he loves to go against our Young Lord." Fei Yan said, eager to fan up the hatred against Gu Ying.

    As expected, Zhuge Yin snorted in derision. "Does he even have what it takes to go against me? He merely possessed the hollow name of being the Blood Fiend Palace's Young Lord. There's no place for him in the Blood Fiend Palace at all and the next Palace Lord of the Blood Fiend Palace would undoubtedly be Gu Xin Yan."

    "Oh?" These words here, were not something that Fei Yan was hearing for the first time.

    Zhuge Yin seemed to know something about Gu Ying but every time Gu Ying was mentioned, Zhuge Yin had always not explained it clearly, which just greatly piqued Fei Yan's curiosity.

    "Little Yan, you just watch. What I am saying will definitely be proven right. I am just giving in a little to him now, but in future..... Heh heh..... I will be collecting on this debt owed sooner or later." Zhuge Yin said with his eyes narrowed, where they flashed with the glint of hatred.

    Fei Yan just watched him and did not reply. Unnoticed by Zhuge Yin, he quietly pulled out the jade token that was linked to the others held by the companions, to secretly scribble the character "Jin" upon it.

    Whether he would be able to go find Jun Wu Xie at night was still a question, so he decided to give Jun Wu Xie a warning of sorts, hoping that Jun Wu Xie would be intelligent enough to understand what he meant.

    On the other side, Jun Wu Xie was seated within her room, looking through all the information that Ye Mei and the other guys had collected within the Pure Grace Palace in the past few days. She already knew everything about all the candidates that the Twelve Palaces had sent here to the Pure Grace Palace and they were no lack of rather talented youths among them.

    Right at that moment, Jun Wu Xie noticed the anomaly of the jade token hanging from her hip and she picked it up to look at it. Upon the jade token, it clearly displayed the "Jin" character!
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