Chapter 1733: “Something Fishy (3)”

    Chapter 1733: "Something Fishy (3)"

    That very night, Fei Yan waited till everyone was fast asleep before he silently felt his way outside, to shoot himself straight towards Jun Wu Xie's room.

    Under the darkness of night, Fei Yan picked the window open and quietly pushed it open, without making the slightest sound. However, in the instant that the window opened, moonlight spilled into the pitch dark room and when Fei Yan raised his head up to look in, he almost fell off from the eaves of the building outside the window.

    "Big..... Big Brother Wu Yao....."

    Inside the room, Jun Wu Yao stood quietly beside the window, the moonlight shrouding his body in a faint glow, his deep penetrating eyes like embedded black diamonds.

    Fei Yan's heart had almost jumped out of him from fright. Not even in his dreams would he have thought that Jun Wu Yao had actually come!

    At that moment he could not help but recall back to the day at the side of the arena stage, when Jun Wu Xie came in, the man standing beside her had been different from the one they saw in the main hall the very first time. Although the looks had not changed, but in terms of his presence and bearing, there had been a world of difference. But as his attention was focused upon the arena stage, he had not given it any further thought.

    "Hmm?" Jun Wu Yao was wearing only his thin inner robe and a gust of night breeze blew past, parting the collar of the loose robe, to reveal the muscularly sculpted chest.

    Fei Yan held his breath in, not even daring to look, his heart wrenched up in grief.

    Big Brother Wu Yao was indeed the manliest among men. He subconsciously reached his hand up to feel his own chest. Though it was rather solid as well, but compared to Jun Wu Yao.....

    "I..... I came to look for Wu Xie." Fei Yan said carefully.

    An eyebrow on Jun Wu Yao's face raised up and without waiting for Fei Yan to climb in, he immediately pulled the window shut, almost clipping Fei Yan's fingers flat.

    But Fei Yan could do nothing but stare wide eyed at the tightly shut window, unable to even summon up the courage to knock on the window.

    After a short while, the window was opened once more and the face of Jun Wu Xie still groggy from sleep appeared at the window, her big eyes edged with a misty glint, from the tears brought on by sleepiness.

    "Come in." Jun Wu Xie was just awoken by Jun Wu Yao and she did not know exactly when Jun Wu Yao had wrapped his outer robe around her.

    Jun Wu Yao had a tall and towering stature, and with his outer robe draped over Jun Wu Xie's body, it was so loose that she looked like a child wearing an adult's clothes. Both of Jun Wu Xie's hands were completely covered by the too long sleeves and she was busying rolling them up with her head lowered.

    Fei Yan obediently scuttled into the room to see Jun Wu Yao seated on a chair and sipping tea, while on the table beside him, was placed a mask used for his disguise, which was the exact same "face" that Fei Yan had seen back at the arena stage.

    "You were the one who sent the message?" Jun Wu Xie raised up her head a moment to ask, as she continued to roll up her sleeves.

    The message was received just this afternoon and Fei Yan had coming running here to find out the very same night. It was quite clear that Fei Yan must have been the one who sent the message.

    "That's right." Fei Yan nodded.

    "Grab a seat." Jun Wu Xie said as she pointed at a stool at the side. Fei Yan immediately went to sit down, his eyes not daring to drift over to Jun Wu Yao's side at all.

    "What did you find out?" Jun Wu Xie sat down herself. The little black cat that had been dumped on the bed stretched its body and then took a couple of bounds to leap into Jun Wu Xie's arms, asking to be stroked.

    "That Zi Jin was someone you brought over from the Spirit Jade Palace?" Fei Yan did not beat around the bush but went straight to the main topic.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie nodded. When she saw that "Jin" character, she had immediately guessed that the matter was linked to Zi Jin.

    "How is she as a person?" Fei Yan continued to ask.

    "Dumb." Jun Wu Xie tossed out that one word lazily.

    Fei Yan didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. "She is indeed rather dumb."
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