Chapter 1734: “Something Fishy (4)”

    Chapter 1734: "Something Fishy (4)"

    Fei Yan didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. "She is indeed rather dumb."

    "Earlier today, a disciple of the Dragon Slayers Palace came in to bring news to Zhuge Yin and I happened to be there. I heard from that Dragon Slayers Palace's disciple that Zi Jin seems to be getting rather close with Gu Ying and the two of them are often seen going around together. Do you know about this?" Fei Yan said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie with a wary look. He might be able to understand that at times, a girl and a guy can just get along with each other. But the identities of the two parties were obviously rather abnormal when put together and moreover, Zi Jin was a disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace where logically she should be feeling greatly animosity against people from the Twelve Palaces.

    Just by looking at the identity of the youth was already enough to shock Fei Yan enough to break out in cold sweat.

    It was Gu Ying who killed people without flinching in the slightest!

    He could still remember how much gore and bloodshed Gu Ying had stirred up back in the Zephyr Academy. When they were in the Zephyr Academy, in order to satisfy his bloodthirsty nature, he had often murdered those innocent disciples without rhyme or reason. He had been exactly like a demon that had crawled out from the depths of Hell, and any place that he was at, the shroud of death shadowed behind.

    With such a bloodthirsty demon, how could he possibly become romantically involved with such an ordinary girl? And the girl was one whose mind wasn't all that bright, which just didn't feel right.

    If Gu Ying's target had been anyone else, Fei Yan might not want to bother himself about it at all. He would wish that Gu Ying would blow the matter up, the bigger the better, so that he would draw the wrath of the other palaces to himself. But Zi Jin's identity was unique, Although she was carrying the identity as a member of the Shadow Moon Palace, but in reality she was a disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace who had followed Jun Wu Xie all the way here to the Pure Grace Palace. If Zi Jin were not careful with her words, then it would not just be her alone who would be in trouble.

    Even Jun Wu Xie would not be spared from becoming involved!

    The implications of the matter were too grave and Fei Yan could not afford to not take the risk to come tell Jun Wu Xie about it.

    Jun Wu Xie was silent for a moment before she said: "I knew about it."

    "What?" Fei Yan was surprised. [She knew?]

    "If you knew about it, why are you allowing Zi Jin to continue to mess things up? I really do not think Zi Jin would be capable of outwitting Gu Ying." Fei Yan was feeling a little anxious. Gu Ying was not just anybody, and he was not easy to deal with at all.

    Seeing that Fei Yan was looking so anxious, Jun Wu Xie poured him a cup of water out of consideration as she said slowly: "Why should I not?"

    "....." Fei Yan almost wanted to kneel down before Jun Wu Xie. What was this Young Miss' brain really thinking inside! ? He really could not make head or tail of it.

    Seeing her little companion so gripped by anxiety, Jun Wu Xie then said indifferently: "I will deal with this properly. Rest assured."

    "Shouldn't you at least reveal a hint, and let us know what we should do from here." Fei Yan was rather insistent. He needed to at least know what he must do to correspond his actions with Jun Wu Xie, as he didn't want to ruin Jun Wu Xie's plot in a moment of carelessness.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Fei Yan, and then gave a slight sigh before she beckoned at him with her hand.

    Fei Yan immediately stuck his ear over to listen to Jun Wu Xie's soft whisper. The worry in his eyes turning into surprise in an instant. Till Jun Wu Xie finished telling him everything, the look of stunned surprise on his face did not fade away in the slightest.

    "..... You..... You already had this all planned out?" Fei Yan asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, his face incredulous.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. Although she did not step out through her door much, but every single happening within the Pure Grace Palace did not escape the eyes of Ye Sha, Ye Mei, and Ye Gu. Even just by sitting in her room, she was able to know everything that was going on outside.

    About Zi Jin abnormal behaviour over this period, she had already heard Ye Sha mention it to her before, and hence she knew all there was to know about it.
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