Chapter 1735: “Something Fishy (5)”

    Chapter 1735: "Something Fishy (5)"

    "Are you sure that you want to do this?" It was quite a while before Fei Yan fully digested Jun Wu Xie's words. He rubbed at his chin, his heart still contemplating the full meaning and implications behind the words Jun Wu Xie had just told him.

    "I am merely providing a choice, as for how to choose, it is not a problem that I should worry myself about." Jun Wu Xie said with a shrug of her shoulders.

    "Alright. Seems like I have worried myself for nothing. That brain on you is truly something that no regular person can ever hope to compare to. I think I should just quietly stay with the Dragon Slayers Palace." Fei Yan said with a laugh, his heart that had been hanging from a thread settling back in place.

    "After the deed, you need to be responsible for handling the affairs of the Dragon Slayers Palace." Jun Wu Xie said.

    Fei Yan then replied by thumping himself on the chest confidently.

    "You can be assured of it. I might not be comparable to you in coming up with ideas, but when it comes to handling affairs properly, I guarantee I will not cause you any problems."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Fei Yan then quickly decided he had stayed there long enough, not for any other reason than just having Jun Wu Yao sitting at the side was making him feel like he was sitting on pins. Though that pair of eyes had clearly been smiling, they had instead made Fei Yan feel that he must not remain there a moment longer.

    Quickly bidding farewell to Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao, Fei Yan quickly shot himself out of Jun Wu Xie's room, and he even courteously remembered to shut the window tight behind him as he was leaving.

    It was not until the opened window was firmly closed once more that shock suddenly registered on Fei Yan's face.

    [Wait a minute!]

    [Did he just miss something out?]

    [It was already so late at night, why was Big Brother Wu Yao in Little Xie's room?]

    [And judging from the way they were dressed, it seemed that before he came, they were already sleeping.....]

    Fei Yan gulped as he stared into the night sky. [If he remembered it correctly, in Jun Wu Xie's room, it seemed..... there was only one bed right?]

    At that moment, Fei Yan finally understood why Jun Wu Yao had looked so fixedly at him with such a "friendly" gaze.

    Realizing what he had just discovered, Fei Yan immediately did not dare to tarry there even for another second and a figure flashed quickly away under the cover of night.

    But rising up within his heart besides utter shock, was actually..... a tiny bit of envy as well.

    [He wished he could sleep together with Little Ruo as well.....]


    When the first rays of light reached towards the land, the youths who were deep in sleep slowly stirred awake.

    As usual, Jun Wu Xie made her way towards Yue Yi's room to check on Yue Yi's injuries. Due to the change in mindset, the past few days had caused Yue Yi's recovery to speed up tremendously. His entire person felt completely different, no longer that gloomy and depressive, but exuded a strong sense of yearning towards wanting to live on.

    When Jun Wu Xie came into Yue Yi's room, Zi Jin was feeding Yue Yi the medicinal cuisine that Yue Yi was prescribed with. The medicinal cuisine was prepared by Ye Mei and Ye Sha taking alternate turns and delivered by Ye Gu in the morning before Zi Jin would personally feed it to Yue Yi. This job was actually to be Ye Gu's but as this incident where Yue Yi was injured had caused Zi Jin to be highly guilt ridden, she had taken this part of the job upon herself.

    Ye Gu couldn't have been more glad that someone was willing to serve Yue Yi so he didn't have to do it, hence, he had naturally been more than willing to agree to it.

    When Jun Wu Xie walked into the room, Zi Jin's actions became visibly stiffened. Ever since that day that Jun Wu Xie sternly admonished her, Zi Jin had developed a sense of fear towards Jun Wu. With her head lowered, she just nodded perfunctorily at Jun Wu, not even daring to glance at the youth at all, but instead tried to avoid eye contact with Jun Wu as she continued to feed Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi looked at the awkwardness on Zi Jin's face and he could not help but sigh lightly. Although Zi Jin was of a similar age to him, but she had a simple minded nature where her actions sometimes unconsciously made Yue Yi think of that bumbling little sister of his who knew nothing about worldly affairs.
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