Chapter 1736: “This is Vengeance (1)”

    Chapter 1736: "This is Vengeance (1)"

    Yue Yi looked at the awkwardness on Zi Jin's face and he could not help but sigh lightly. Although Zi Jin was of a similar age to him, but she had a simple minded nature where her actions sometimes unconsciously made Yue Yi think of that bumbling little sister of his who knew nothing about worldly affairs.

    "How?" Jun Wu Xie's gaze slowly swept over Zi Jin's stiffened back to fall upon the figure of Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi's handsome face was tinged with a smile. The change in his mindset had also caused his mannerisms to be reborn, where the kind of sunshine and vigor that a youth should possess returned to his body. Yue Yi had rather great looks but his always gloomy face and his highly unapproachable expression made people subconsciously distance themselves from him, quickly failing to even notice his looks. Now that the knot in his heart had come undone, that brilliant smile that was visible now made people feel it to be rather dazzling.


    Jun Wu Xie had long become immune against the stunning looks of handsome youths as Jun Wu Yao's face had hopelessly tempered her appreciation of aesthetics to impossible levels.

    "I am already much better and I had even gotten off the bed to walk a little yesterday. Although I was not able to move like an arrow shot out with a single step like before, but I have recovered by quite a bit. I believe it will not be long before I will be able to move about freely." Yue Yi said with a smile.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. Initially when Yue Yi got so severely wounded, in the eyes of others, he would end up a cripple even if he could be treated. But this person was saved by Jun Wu Xie, and if he did not recover at such a speed, then she would think it strange.

    "Since you're almost recovered, then..... it should be about time that we settle the score with Zhuge Yin." Jun Wu Xie suddenly said.

    The smile on Yue Yi's face then congealed slightly, as he looked at Jun Wu in surprise.

    [Settle the score?]

    [With Zhuge Yin?]

    To still be able to live, to Yue Yi, was already a gift bestowed upon him from the Heavens. He had never once thought of asking for anything back from Zhuge Yin at all. Without needing to even mention that Zhuge Yin's powers were far above his own, merely the fact that the Dragon Slayers Palace stood behind Zhuge Yin was already something that he could not afford to provoke in anyway. Right from the very beginning, Yue Yi had already decided to forget the whole thing.

    The thoughts in Yue Yi's head had not come about because he was weak, but was because he had seen too much of the hypocrisy of the world. He was not even able to even fight Elder Yue from the Shadow Moon Palace, how could he ever hope to be able to shake the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord?

    But today, Jun Wu Xie was going to completely overturn his decision to concede defeat.

    Seeing the shock registered upon Yue Yi's face, Jun Wu Xie's eyes then flashed with a glint of understanding. The disparity between the powers held by the Twelve Palaces was too great and that mentality had already become too deeply rooted into Yue Yi's heart, which caused him to be unable to place himself on equal standing with Zhuge Yin, to avenge himself.


    Well, she could.

    "No need to be so surprised. I have never intended to let Zhuge Yin off that easily. The reason I have not made my move for so long was because I wanted you to be able to witness with your own eyes the end that Zhuge Yin would finally fall into."

    "Young Master Jun..... There's no need. Really..... That..... That I'm still alive, I am already eternally grateful to you. I do not want to seek revenge, and do not need to ask for anything back from Zhuge Yin. I know that Young Master Jun is not an ordinary person, but Zhuge Yin's identity is very special. He already possesses exemplary powers himself, and he has the whole Dragon Slayers Palace strongly behind him. We really..... do not need to go head to head against him." Yue Yi tried to say in a hurry. He was not worried just for himself, but was also concerned for Jun Wu's safety.

    Jun Wu had saved him, given him new hope, and he already saw Jun Wu as his saviour and benefactor. As seeking revenge against Zhuge Yin was really too dangerous, Yue Yi did not wish in the slightest, for Jun Wu to antagonize that vicious demon in order to to seek justice for him.
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