Chapter 1737: “This is Vengeance (2)”

    Chapter 1737: "This is Vengeance (2)"

    "No." Jun Wu Xie answered resolutely to what Yue Yi had said.

    Yue Yi was startled slightly.

    Jun Wu Xie's cold clear eyes looked at Yue Yi as she said slowly: "The debt, is not owed just to you alone, but to me as well. Even if you are willing to let him off, I will not."

    Yue Yi opened his mouth, the eyes he was looking at Jun Wu was highly conflicted. He drew in a deep breath and then said: "I will do as Young Master Jun says. Whatever you need me to do, even if it costs me my life, I will do everything within my powers to get it done."

    The Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, to the disciples of the Twelve Palaces, was a position that commanded a highly terrifying status. Even the most esteemed disciples from the various palaces would not dare to carelessly go antagonize him, as Zhuge Yin was the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's only son, the weight he carried was not something any other disciple could possibly compare with.

    Even the Elders of the Dragon Slayers Palace, could not compare with the status Zhuge Yin held, and if they came to harm Zhuge Yin, the consequences could very well be imagined. That would surely bring upon themselves a maniacal and ruthless vengeance from the Dragon Slayers Palace itself.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at Yue Yi's stoically serious face and then suddenly turned her eyes away, to go pour herself a cup of water, and then slowly taking a sip from it. In contrast to Yue Yi's nervousness, she was being so carefree, like her target she was seeking vengeance upon, was not the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, but just a regular disciple.

    "I saved you, not to have you go risk your life heedlessly, but for you to live a good life. You do not need to worry. In this matter of dealing with Zhuge Yin, we do not need to dirty our own hands as someone will naturally finish him." Jun Wu Xie's clear and unhurried voice rang out within the room.

    "What do you mean?" Yue Yi was rather lost.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes up slightly, her hands turning the teacup as she toyed with it and then lowering her gaze back down to fall onto the lightly rocking surface of the water, looking at her own reflection within the teacup.

    "Among the Twelve Palaces, the people who are displeased with Zhuge Yin are not limited to just you and me, and not only the two of us wants to get rid of him, and it's only due to certain constraints that people are unable to strike. But when those misgivings are conquered and bashed through by rage, then it would no longer hold or restrain people. Do you understand?" At the moment that Jun Wu Xie spoke the very last syllable, her gaze suddenly looked straight at Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi was taken aback, his heart had seemingly been able to grasp something, but it was very fuzzy and blurry.

    "On that first night when the few of us just came here into the Pure Grace Palace and they hosted a banquet, do you still remember what happened at that time?" Jun Wu Xie slowly asked.

    Yue Yi thought about it for a moment and said: "The first night..... The banquet....." Suddenly, a scene came into his mind!

    That night at the banquet, there wasn't anything too special about it, but if it was something that was linked to Zhuge Yin, then there was indeed an incident!

    And that was the squabble between the Blood Fiend Palace's Gu Ying and Zhuge Yin!

    Zhuge Yin had aggressively gone to fawn on the Blood Fiend Palace's Gu Xin Yan and that was a point that any bright eyed person could clearly see. But as Gu Xin Yan's elder brother, Gu Ying had seemed to be rather disgusted with Zhuge Yin's persistent pestering of his sister and had on that very night during the banquet, openly fell out with each other in front of everyone. And if Gu Xin Yan had not come forward to persuade them, the two young and hot blooded Young Lords could very well have physically torn into each other right there on the spot!

    Linking that to the thought provoking words that Jun Wu had said just earlier, a frightening scenario formed up within Yue Yi's mind. He raised up his head in disbelief, to stare at Jun Wu in shock.

    "Young Master Jun, you are talking about..... Gu Ying from the Blood Fiend Palace?"

    In the instant when the two words "Gu Ying" came out from Yue Yi's mouth, Zi Jin who had been sitting silently without a word on the side was suddenly startled, and a strong feeling of unease soundlessly filled up her heart.
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