Chapter 1738: “This is Vengeance (3)”

    Chapter 1738: "This is Vengeance (3)"

    The extent of Zi Jin's movements was very small and nobody had noticed the peculiarity from her and Yue Yi's mind was fully drawn in with the realization that had dawned upon him.

    "That's right." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "What Young Master Jun means is..... You intend to use Gu Ying's hand to deal with Zhuge Yin? But..... with Gu Ying being the Blood Fiend Palace's Young Lord, he would be very much aware of propriety and the limits. Moreover, the Dragon Slayers Palace had always been keen to ally themselves with the Blood Fiend Palace, and it is impossible that Gu Ying does not know anything about it. He might not be all that pleased with Zhuge Yin, but if you are saying that he will harm Zhuge Yin because of that..... don't you think that might be a little bit too much of a stretch?" Yue Yi said with his brows furrowed up slightly. In regards to the subtlety of relations between the Twelve Palaces, he still knew a little about them.

    Although Gu Ying's position in the Blood Fiend Palace was similar to that of Zhuge Yin's, the Dragon Slayers Palace was below the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace in terms of might. Together with the way they displayed obvious inclinations that leaned well towards the Blood Fiend Palace, in the ongoing tussle between the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace, it was thought no matter how much Gu Ying disliked Zhuge Yin, he was surely expected to at least exercise a certain level of control and restraint.

    Jun Wu Xie then put her teacup down upon the table and turned to say to Yue Yi: "If your little sister was violated by a lecher, what would you do?"

    Jun Wu Xie's words were like a bolt of lightning that struck Yue Yi straight on his head!

    His little sister was the one inverse scale that no one must ruffle his entire life. Don't even talk about violating her, even if anyone dared to hurt a single strand of hair upon her, Yue Yi would fight that person even at the cost of his life, no matter who that person was!

    Jun Wu Xie's words immediately woke Yue Yi up to that fact, which caused Yue Yi's face to twist up in shock.

    "Gu Xin Yan....." Yue Yi slowly breathed out the name that had caused Zhuge Yin and Gu Ying to fall into conflict.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "That's right. Gu Xin Yan is Gu Ying's sister and from what we saw then during the banquet, Gu Ying greatly detests the fact that Zhuge Yin is trying to get close to Gu Xin Yan. Hence..... if he is made to see with his own eyes, Zhuge Yin being disrespectful to Gu Xin Yan, or even to the extent that he had already committed a deed that would anger the gods and man, would you then think, when one is under that kind of mindless fury, Gu Ying will still be able to think logically, to consider whether he should strike Zhuge Yin at that moment?"

    Yue Yi's eyes widened up with incredulity. As a older brother himself, he could naturally well imagine what kind of a situation that would truly be.

    If he was in that position, he would definitely not be able to calmly think things through at all, and the only thing that would fill up his mind entirely at that moment, would be to tear the culprit up into a million pieces!

    It must be said, that the hand that Jun Wu Xie schemed up is vicious to say the least. Even Yue Yi himself could not imagine that such a venomous ploy could really come out from Jun Wu's mind.

    "But Zhuge Yin is no fool as well. Although he has been trying to get close to Gu Xin Yan, but..... he must surely know that there are limits, and would not dare to commit any deed that is too inappropriate." Yue Yi said, drawing a deep breath in to press down the tinge of disagreement in his heart. This life of his was already Jun Wu's to have and no matter what Jun Wu did, he would not object but just obey.

    Jun Wu Xie did not reply to Yue Yi's apprehension directly but instead went on to retrieve a palm sized porcelain bottle from her Cosmos Sack to place upon the table.

    "People skilled in medicine, mostly excel in poisons as well. In this world, we are not without drugs that could make a person temporarily lose their senses. If you want to make a man lose his rationality to go seize the woman his heart desires and make her his, there are many ways to achieve it." Jun Wu Xie said as she tapped a finger a few times upon the table's surface right beside the bottle meaningfully.

    Yue Yi gulped as he looked at the bottle of medicine, the look in his eyes highly complicated.
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