Chapter 1739: “Spilling the Secret (1)”

    Chapter 1739: Title Below

    Jun Wu was intending to use some kind of drug to force Zhuge Yin to lose control of his senses!

    Yue Yi drew in a deep breath secretly, pushing the discomfort he felt in his heart down as he tried to numb his own conscience.

    Although he was feeling that it was rather unrighteous to do that, as Gu Xin Yan was innocent afterall, but..... since it was Jun Wu's decision, he would not question it in anyway.

    "Is there anything you need me to help with?" Yue Yi asked resolutely as he raised his head.

    Jun Wu Xie saw the struggle in Yue Yi's eyes finally turning into the final determination shining in them and the corners of her mouth curled up with a faint arc. She picked up the bottle of medicine and kept it away before saying indifferently: "You do not need to do anything. I merely came here to let you know about it. Rest yourself well as there will be a great show coming right up in the days ahead."

    Yue Yi felt a sense of relief slowly spread through him. If he had been asked to carry out the task, with the kind of personality that he had, it would have been really hard for him to transform himself in such a short period.

    Jun Wu Xie then took a look at Yue Yi's injuries and left some elixirs behind before she left the room together with Jun Wu Yao.

    It was until the backs of the two people had left the room and the door shut once more that Yue Yi's room fell dead silent.

    Zi Jin sat at Yue Yi's bedside with her head lowered, not knowing what she was thinking. Yue Yi thought that she had been shocked by Jun Wu's methods and not wanting her to have any further misunderstandings against Jun Wu, Yue Yi opened his mouth to say: "Young Master Jun is doing this all because of me. He....."

    Zi Jin suddenly stood up, not even waiting for Yue Yi to finish what he wanted to say. The colour on her face was an ugly shade, her eyes tinged with a trace of panic.

    Yue Yi just assumed that she had been frightened.

    "You've finished eating. I'll then make a move." Zi Jin's voice was even shaking a little.

    "Zi Jin!" There were things Yue Yi still wanted to say to her.

    But Zi Jin did not want to remain in that room for even a moment longer and immediately went running out from there, leaving Yue Yi sitting helplessly on his bed to sigh.

    Zi Jin fought to maintain her composure as she walked out from Yue Yi's room, but the panic in her eyes already betrayed her emotions surging within. She did not dare to tarry another single moment and she just threw the empty bowl in her hand to the ground, the clear sound of shattering reverberating within the empty corridor. Zi Jin picked up the hem of her skirt and treading through the ear piercing sound of the crash, she ran speedily towards the other end of the corridor.

    She just could not believe what she had just heard!

    That Jun Wu would employ such a dirty trick against Gu Ying!

    Zi Jin's heart felt like it was being stirred with a knife, fear and deep worry permeating throughout her chest. Jun Wu's words rang incessantly in her mind, unconsciously prodding her steps to go faster.

    Yue Yi thought that Jun Wu was doing this because of him?

    That must be the biggest joke under the Heavens!

    Jun Wu's motive for this trip, had been to upset the balance of power between the Twelve Palaces right from the start. By putting his words so grandly to sound dignified, he had made Yue Yi think that way. What a complete and utter hypocrite! Most despicable!

    Zi Jin suddenly felt that she must have been blind before, for her to have had such a good impression of this venomous and vicious hearted youth.

    In order to attain benefits for himself, he was ready to commit such contemptible and dastardly deeds without hesitation, sacrificing a girl's very reputation. This was a point that Zi Jin would never ever be able to tolerate. And moreover, Jun Wu's target was Gu Ying!

    Zi Jin sprinted the entire way, not daring to delay it by even the slightest moment, to charge straight towards the loft that Gu Ying was staying at.

    In order to avoid having the hot blooded disciples from the various palaces stir up any unwanted incidents, the Pure Grace Palace had purposely arranged for the male disciples from the respective palaces in stay in lofts located in different regions, and only placing the female disciples together in the same place.
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