Chapter 1741: “Spilling the Secret (3)”

    Chapter 1741: "Spilling the Secret (3)"

    "What do you mean?" Gu Ying asked as he looked at Zi Jin bewildered.

    Zi Jin then said: "Actually....."

    Zi Jin came clean on the entire truth with Gu Ying, with everything falling into his ears. Gu Ying did not say a single word the entire time, but just listened to all of it without a word.

    "You are saying..... That the Fifth Junior at your side is in fact a Young Master surnamed Jun?" Gu Ying asked only after a long while had passed.

    Zi Jin nodded. "The exact details of where he originated from is not clear to me, but..... he possesses a deep mind, and is unscrupulous in achieving his aims. Young Master Gu, you must be careful." Zi Jin said as she looked at Gu Ying worriedly. She was aware that it was not entirely appropriate for her to confess everything like this, but as the matter directly concerns Gu Ying's personal safety, she could not continue to maintain her silence.

    Gu Ying fell deep in thought, his gaze slowly falling to the floor, his lowered eyes hiding the emotions surging within.

    [Jun.....      ]

    [Jun Xie? Jun Wu?]

    [At that moment, Gu Ying seemed to notice something.]

    [A youth with the surname Jun where a black cat appears beside him.....]

    A fiery surge suddenly flashed a quick moment within Gu Ying's eyes.

    [They have finally met once again!]

    Forcefully quelling the raging fire that threatened to burst forth within, Gu Ying took a deep breath before he lifted his head to look at Zi Jin.

    "Based on what you are saying, Young Master Jun has a highly vicious nature. But since he has shown that he was displeased with you, why would he tell all this to you? Isn't he afraid that you will come tell it all to me?" Gu Ying suddenly discovered this strange detail in the entire matter.

    This entire plot, could be said to be rather vicious and cruel. And if it succeeds, it would drag the Blood Fiend Palace, the Dragon Slayers Palace and even the Pure Grace Palace deep into the mud. But according to Gu Ying's understanding of Jun Wu, he was always careful in carrying out his deeds. Hence, after an incident of dissent with Zi Jin, how could he possibly still so daringly tell all this to Zi Jin?


    Though it wouldn't be all that difficult to drug Zhuge Yin, but how was he going to make Zhuge Yin come on his own initiative to seek Gu Xin Yan, and not discover that there was anything strange about him? Gu Xin Yan was afterall not a fool, and if she finds that there's anything unusual about Zhuge Yin, how could she possibly take the bait to go to Zhuge Yin's room with him?

    The news that Zi Jin brought, could be said to be shocking to hear in the least, the plot linking up perfectly. But if one was to think about it carefully, one would find that there was a big problem with it, where things did not make sense in many places.

    If Zhuge Yin was intending to forcibly abduct Gu Xin Yan, the huge commotion that ensued would surely alert the others, and he would not be able to bring Gu Xin Yan away.

    Gu Ying did not believe for a moment that with Jun Wu's mind, he would leave such an obvious and gaping hole. Moreover, using drugs might be able to make a person lose their rationality, but how could it possibly make someone act according to another person's bidding? He really did not know that such a strange kind of drug even existed.

    Zi Jin then went on to say: "All this time, Young Master Jun had not once left his room, so..... he is completely unaware that you and I are....."

    Zi Jin dared to believe all of this, betting only on the one fact that Jun Wu did not know anything about her interaction with Gu Ying.

    Gu Ying rubbed his chin, still feeling that something just did not feel right.

    [A trap? Or would Jun Wu truly possess the capability to make it happen?]

    "I am really grateful that you came to tell me this today. I will definitely be more careful. Since he has shown himself to be such a person, then you must watch yourself closely as well, and not let him discover what you've done was well." Gu Ying said, suppressing the emotions inside, his face one of concern as he looked at Zi Jin.

    Zi Jin nodded her head, knowing that she could not stay too long. After telling Gu Ying about the entire matter, she then quietly left from Gu Ying's room.
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