Chapter 1742: “Trap or Coincidence (1)”

    Chapter 1742: "Trap or Coincidence (1)"

    After Zi Jin left, Gu Ying sat in his room and pondered over and over again about the authenticity of the information he had just heard.

    No matter which way he looked at it, it was definitely a trap that Jun Wu had set up.

    Gu Ying propped up his chin on one hand as he sat at the table, his eyes narrowed.

    He could still remember, the move that Jun Wu had played back in the Zephyr Academy, where it had been executed so flawlessly. But today, this plot he heard about here was so filled with holes.

    A trap?

    But if it was a trap, why would Zi Jin come tell him about the entire matter even at the cost of exposing herself? And when she had even revealed Jun Wu's identity right before his eyes? If that was to be used as bait, wouldn't that be too risky a bet?

    Gu Ying thought deeply about it for a long while before he stood up and walked out from his room, to make his way towards Gu Xin Yan's room.

    Whether this plot could succeed, would all depend on Gu Xin Yan. He would really like to see, what kind of a plan Jun Wu could have devised to perfectly execute this plan that was so full of holes. And if it was a trap..... With the yarn Jun Wu had thrown out as bait, he would definitely not allow him to dodge away so easily.

    The debt owed back at the Zephyr Academy, had not been accounted for yet!

    The place that Gu Xin Yan was staying at, was also where the girls from the other palaces were staying. When Gu Ying's handsome countenance appeared there, it had naturally drawn quite a number of the girls to freeze in their tracks.

    Although they did not belong to the same palace, but that did not stop the hearts of the young girls to secretly wish. Back when they had just come to the Pure Grace Palace, many of them had already noticed this Young Lord from the Blood Fiend Palace. It had naturally been great that they were able to be accepted as disciples of the various palaces, but if they could manage to latch onto the Young Lord of the Blood Fiend Palace, then they would immediately soar to the top branches to turn into a phoenix. No one would be willing to miss such an opportunity.

    Gu Ying threaded his way through under the admiring gazes of the crowd, to come before Gu Xin Yan's door. He then raised up a hand, and knocked upon the room door.

    It was silent inside the room. Gu Ying saw that no one was opening the door after waiting for a rather long while and he proceeded to knock upon the door once again.

    The only response he got was only quiet silence.

    "You..... You are here to look for Gu Xin Yan?" A young lady staying next door to Gu Xin Yan said, her eyes blinking as she looked at Gu Ying.

    Gu Ying nodded slightly.

    The young girl raised a hand, and pointed outside.

    "Just awhile ago, I saw Gu Xin Yan leaving from here with Zhuge Yin from the Dragon Slayers Palace."

    "....." Gu Ying's eyes widened slightly.

    [Gu Xin Yan left with Zhuge Yin?]

    [How was that possible?]

    If this was any other time, Gu Ying might not have felt that there was anything wrong. But the timing could not have been any more coincidental than this. Zi Jin had just gone to tell him of Jun Wu's plot and when he came to find Gu Xin Yan.....

    [Gu Xin Yan had really gone out together with Zhuge Yin!]

    The part that Gu Ying had determined to be the largest loophole in the entire plot, had just truly happened!

    In that instant, Gu Ying's mind was slightly fell into shock.

    [Zhuge Yin had really gotten Gu Xin Yan to go with him? Just how had he managed to do that? Could it be..... that Jun Wu really possessed such a drug, that not only could make one lose his senses, but could even make a person follow his orders?]

    The disbelief in his heart started to melt away bit by bit at that moment. Gu Ying's brows furrowed up slightly together as he immediately turned his head and went walking outside.

    In the garden, Gu Ying tried to locate for signs of Gu Xin Yan and Zhuge Yin, as it was afterall not Zhuge Yin's first time coming to seek Gu Xin Yan out, but just that every single time before this, he had artfully sent him away.

    [Is it just a coincidence, or is it a ploy?]

    Gu Ying's eyes narrowed.

    After searching through the garden for a rather long time, Gu Ying had not been able to find any sign of Gu Xin Yan at all. An ominous premonition then suddenly rose up within his heart.
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