Chapter 1743: “Trap or Coincidence (2)”

    Chapter 1743: "Trap or Coincidence (2)"

    "Jun Xie..... Do you really possess such capability?" Gu Ying narrowed his eyes, the current situation causing him to be highly conflicted.

    In the end, he lifted his step and went towards Zhuge Yin's room in search.

    The guests from the various palaces, were allocated living quarters according to the respective palaces they belonged to. When Gu Ying appeared there, quite a number of the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples noticed his presence.

    "What has that fella come here for?"

    "Could he be here to find trouble with our Young Lord again?" The youths commented warily as they stared at Gu Ying.

    The fact that Gu Ying and Zhuge Yin were at odds with each other, was no longer any kind of secret. To suddenly see Gu Ying coming directly to the living quarters allocated to the Dragon Slayers Palace and making his way straight towards Zhuge Yin's room, it quickly made many of the youths from the Dragon Slayers Palace curious.

    Gu Ying had absolutely no intention of bothering himself with these people but just continued on his way to come before Zhuge Yin's room door.

    "Jun Xie, do you really take me for such a fool?" Gu Ying stared at Zhuge Yin's door, the corners of his mouth curling up in a sneer.

    Even if everything was really true, he would only rescue Gu Xin Yan, and as for Zhuge Yin..... That debt, he would settle the score with Zhuge Yin slowly in the days ahead. How could he possibly allow himself to fall into Jun Xie's ploy so easily?

    Gu Ying was just intending to knock upon the door when it suddenly opened right at that moment.

    A young girl stood there in shock, as she looked at Gu Ying standing outside.

    "Gu Ying? Why have you....."

    Gu Ying did not even give the girl a glance but just threw her out from the room as he quickly darted inside in a flash before shutting the room door tight.

    He had thought that he would be met with an intolerable sight but before Gu Ying's eyes, was just a completely empty room.

    There was no sign of anyone within Zhuge Yin's room, not even a shadow, not knowing where Zhuge Yin himself had gone to.

    The sense of unease in his heart grew stronger and stronger and Gu Ying could not help but be nagged by the feeling that he was overlooking something, but he just could not put his finger on it.

    He swept his gaze over the room and after he was sure that there was no one in the room, he then went out of the room with a highly darkened face.

    Outside the room, the youths from the Dragon Slayers Palace watched Gu Ying warily, none of them daring to take a step forward.

    Under the watchful gazes of the Dragon Slayers Palace's youth, Gu Ying went walking outside from in front of Zhuge Yin's door, a huge sense of doubt and uncertainty weighing on his heart.

    [What is really happening here?]

    On the way back, Gu Ying suddenly discovered a familiar figure in the garden.

    It was not known from when Gu Xin Yan came to be sitting in the garden beside the lake, to stare calmly at the surface of the still lake.

    "Why are you here?" Gu Ying looked at Gu Xin Yan with his brows creased up.

    Gu Xin Yan was startled by Gu Ying and she suddenly stood up in a panic, to look at him nervously. "I..... I....."

    "Zhuge Yin asked you to come?" Gu Ying did not wait for Gu Xin Yan to reply, and just continued to ask.

    "Yes." Gu Xin Yan nodded her head, thinking that Gu Ying's expression looked a little strange.

    "What did he say to you?" Gu Ying questioned.

    "Nothing much..... We were just casually chatting." Gu Xin Yan knew Gu Ying and Zhuge Yin were at odds with each other, and hence did not feel that there was anything unusual about Gu Ying's questions.

    But Gu Xin Yan's reply had caused the colour on Gu Ying's face to turn even darker.

    Sure enough, it was just a coincidence.....

    Gu Ying silently mocked himself inside for all his delusional suspicions. It had obviously been a plot so full of holes and he had actually believed it for a moment.

    Gu Ying sneered inwardly as he thought to himself.

    [In this round, no matter what Jun Xie was planning to achieve, he could only say that Zi Jin, the pawn that was used, was a wrong move made by Jun Xie!]

    [And right after this, it is time for him to properly show his colours in return.]
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