Chapter 1744: “Trap or Coincidence (3)”

    Chapter 1744: "Trap or Coincidence (3)"

    As Gu Ying was planning how he would be able to settle the score owed to him back at the Zephyr Academy, he was not aware that a nightmare was at the moment silently descending.

    There wasn't a single person inside Zhuge Yin's room when suddenly, the wardrobe in the room was pushed open soundlessly. Two figures then quietly climbed out from the wardrobe.

    Jun Wu Xie came out from the wardrobe, her gaze cold as she stared at the tightly shut door and her mouth arced up into a sneer. Standing at Jun Wu Xie's side, was not anyone else but Jun Wu Yao.

    "As expected, most people are unable to guess what that mind of yours is really thinking." The ends of Jun Wu Yao's mouth were tinged with a sliver of mirth as he reached his hand out to stroke at Jun Wu Xie's hair.

    Not even in his dreams would Gu Ying have thought that when he had entered that room earlier, Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao had already been hidden within that large wardrobe!

    Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow and then went walking towards the side of the bed. When she came to the bedside, she suddenly squatted down and reached her hand under the bed.

    The sound of dragging came from underneath the bed and Jun Wu Xie suddenly tugged hard!

    To pull an entire person out from under the bed!

    Laying there on the ground an unmoving heap was no one else but the resident on this very room!

    Zhuge Yin!

    At that moment, Zhuge Yin's eyes were tightly closed as he lay stiffly on the ground, not reacting in the slightest, like he was sound asleep.

    "Have Yue Yi brought out." Jun Wu Xie stood up as she stared at Zhuge Yin who lay there like a dead pig, and then turning to Jun Wu Yao to say.

    Jun Wu Yao shrugged his shoulders and walked over to stand beside a wooden box. The wooden box was meant for the youths staying here to store their luggage and weapons and it was extremely spacious. But when Jun Wu Yao opened the box, it revealed only the figure of Yue Yi who was seated in there.

    There was quite a bit of bandages wrapped around Yue Yi and because he was still unable to move about freely, he could only lie halfway back within the box to hide. When he saw the box being opened, he endured the pain to sit himself up, his face contorting up in pain.

    It was just about an hour ago when Jun Wu had suddenly taken him out from his room. And from the outside of the lofts, he had quickly been brought to come to Zhuge Yin's window. Everything that happened after that, had caused Yue Yi to still be unable to fully digest it all.

    At that moment, he had only seen that man who had never departed from Jun Wu's shadow all this time breaking in through the window at extremely high speed, and Zhuge Yin and a young girl from the Dragon Slayers Palace who had been seated inside the room were engaged in conversation. Zhuge Yin did not even have time to react when he was struck unconscious with a single palm strike by the man.

    Yue Yi had still not fully understood everything that was happening when he was picked up by Ju Wu and brought inside the room. After that, before he could even say anything, he was placed into the large box. Before the wooden box was shut, he saw with his own eyes Jun Wu stuffing an elixir into Zhuge Yin's mouth, and he then saw the completely knocked out Zhuge Yin being kicked under the bed by that young girl wearing the Dragon Slayers Palace's uniform.

    After the wooden box was shut, Yue Yi did not dare to make a single sound, his mind whirling with everything that had just happened.

    Jun Wu had really come seeking revenge on Zhuge Yin!

    And everything had happened in a flash.

    "Young..... Young Master Jun..... What are you..... thinking of doing here?" Yue Yi still had not recovered his senses as he stared in a daze at Zhuge Yin lying on the floor, his mind a complete blank.

    Jun Wu Xie raised a foot and stepped upon Zhuge Yin's abdomen. She tilted her head slightly to the side, to look at Yue Yi's face that was covered in shock.

    "What am I doing? Just exacting revenge."

    Jun Wu's words startled Yue Yi.

    Jun Wu had indeed mentioned to him about seeking revenge upon Zhuge Yin before, but.....
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