Chapter 1745: “Kneel (1)”

    Chapter 1745: "Kneel (1)"

    Jun Wu had indeed mentioned to him about seeking revenge upon Zhuge Yin before, but.....

    Even if you beat Yue Yi to death, he would not have thought that Jun Wu could actually..... act so swiftly!

    From the time that Jun Wu had told him about exacting revenge upon Zhuge Yin till now, it had only been an hour's time. Yue Yi had actually been thinking that for Jun Wu to achieve what he seeked, it would still need a good period of planning. But..... he had not even yet understood what he was required to do and Jun Wu had already gotten Zhuge Yin dealt with!

    Yue Yi could not help but feel rather stunned by it all.

    This Young Master Jun really..... struck like thunder and quick as lightning!

    "You are going to..... proceed with the plan right now?" Yue Yi could not help but recall about the elixir that Jun Wu had fed Zhuge Yin with. Could it be the kind that Jun Wu mentioned before, that kind of..... drug?

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head slightly.

    Yue Yo drew in a deep breath. "We are going to make Zhuge Yin go find Gu Xin Yan now and then force Gu Ying to come in?"

    According to the plot Jun Wu had planned, the next step after this was to invite the target to walk into the boiling vat.

    However, this time, Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "Gu Ying had already come and left."

    "What?" Yue Yi was slightly taken aback.

    Jun Wu Xie walked over to the side and picked up a tea pot from the table. She then slowly went over to stand beside Zhuge Yin and poured the entire pot of cold tea over onto his face.

    Zhuge Yin sputtered awake in shock and his eyes sprung wide open!

    However, the scene that met his eyes caused half of his heart to turn cold.....

    [Shadow Moon Palace!]

    [Why had this kid suddenly appeared in his room?]

    Zhuge Yin could only remember that he was discussing something with Fei Yan when he suddenly heard a strange crash. And before he could turn his head towards the sound, he had blacked out and did not know what happened after that.

    When Zhuge Yin woke up, the first thing he saw was Jun Wu Xie standing right over him.

    "Yargh! !" Overcome with shock, Zhuge Yin immediately wanted to sit up and shout out. But when he pushed himself up to a sitting position, he suddenly discovered that besides the raspy sound of "yargh", his mouth was unable to say a single word. His throat felt like he had swallowed burning charcoal, dry and parched with a searing heat. His eyes widened as he clutched at his throat, his gaze fearful as he stared fixedly at Jun Wu Xie while sitting on the floor.

    "There's no need to waste your effort. You will not be able to say anything at all." Jun Wu Xie said as she stared at the highly startled Zhuge Yin, and her eyes flashed with a chilling glint. She then walked slowly to sit upon a chair at the side, crossing her slender legs together and then propping her chin up with a hand, she just watched the wretched looking Zhuge Yin.

    "Yargh! Yargh! !" Fear slowly spread within Zhuge Yin's heart as he stared in fury at Jun Wu Xie, wanting to stand up but suddenly discovering that his legs felt like they had lost all feeling, and he was unable to move them in the slightest.

    His mouth was unable to speak, and his legs were unable to move.

    Zhuge Yin had never met with anything so frightening and what terrified him the most was the person sitting right before him, the cold and expressionless Jun Wu Xie.

    "Didn't you love to make people kneel? Then today, you can enjoy kneeling yourself." Jun Wu Xie put a finger under Jun Wu Yao's chin to lift it slightly, and the corners of Jun Wu Yao's curled up into a sinister smile. His wiggled his fingertips and two streaks of black mist suddenly shot towards the stunned Zhuge Yin! To strike him straight onto his kneecaps!

    His legs that had lost all feeling suddenly made him feel an excruciating and heart rending pain tear through him, as a tyrannical force pulled at Zhuge Yin's legs, forcing him to kneel right in front of Jun Wu Xie.

    The intense pain immediately caused Zhuge Yin's face to turn a pale white, as bean sized sweat beads spilled out from his forehead.
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