Chapter 1746: “Kneel (2)”

    Chapter 1746: "Kneel (2)"

    "Since the mighty Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord loves having people kneel so much, that enjoying kneeling slowly." Jun Wu Xie said as she toyed with a pot of flowers placed upon the table lazily, her fingertips gently flicking the emerald green petals. The Pure Grace Palace had prepared highly refined rooms for the guests who had come for the birthday celebrations, and the rooms were comfortably furnished. But no matter how perfectly they had been prepared, it was unable to dispel the terror that was wrecking at Zhuge Yin at that moment. At that moment, he really wasn't in the mood to admire any greenery.

    Zhuge Yin knelt on the ground as his body shook. In this loft building that he was in, it was completely filled with the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples. Staying just next door, was one of the most talented disciples of the Dragon Slayers Palace who doubled as his bodyguard, accompanying Zhuge Yin on this trip to the Pure Grace Palace.

    As long as there was any strange phenomenon, that person would rush straight in here.

    But at that time, Zhuge Yin could not even shout out a single word, though he knew he only need to raise an alarm in the slightest and help would come. But alas, even that last hope was crushed right before him, that slightest sliver of light that was so close, completely denied.

    The formless terror shrouded Zhuge Yin's heart. Never in his dreams would he expect that a disciple of the Shadow Moon Palace would dare be so audacious!

    "Yargh! Yargh....." Zhuge Yin summoned up all his strength to try to make a sound, but that shout came out even weaker than a newborn kitten's meowing.

    "Scared?" Jun Wu Xie looked on indifferently at Zhuge Yin's pale face. Not too long ago, this face had been filled with such arrogance and glee, as he stood egotistically upon that arena platform, his foot stepped upon Yue Yi, subjecting him to wilful torment and ridicule.

    And today, everything had been turned completely around.

    "Yargh....." Zhuge Yin was shaking more and more violently. He did not know what Jun Wu Xie was going to do, but the wretched state he was in filled him with fear. He really did not understand how he could have fallen into this trap, as with the kind of powers he had, not just anybody would be able to sneak a attack past him that easily.

    But against all expectations, the most impossible thing that could happen had occured right now!

    "Help Yue Yi over here." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly. An eyebrow on Jun Wu Yao's face arched up, but he did not move his feet at all, but with a wave of his hand, a cloud of black mist flew out from his palm, to shoot towards Yue Yi. However, completely unlike the brutal way it had been for Zhuge Yin, the cloud of black mist gently swirled around Yue Yi, as it lifted Yue Yi out from the wooden box.

    Jun Wu Xie pulled out a flexible whip from her Cosmos Sack. The material of the whip was a little special, not made from leather like regular whips, but instead used a tough and highly durable kind of vine. In between the crisscrossing vines along the whip, it was filled with little sharp spikes, and Jun Wu Xie placed the flexible whip in Yue Yi's hand.

    Yue Yi stared dazedly at the whip in his hands, and did not understand what was going on for a moment.

    "Now, would be a good time for you to exact revenge for yourself." Jun Wu Xie lifted her eyes up slightly to say, throwing those words upon Yue Yi.

    Yue Yi looked up in surprise, and then stared at Zhuge Yin kneeling on the floor, unable to move.

    The eyes that Zhuge Yin was staring at Yue Yi with were filled with pure terror. Just how severely he had struck Yue Yi that day, he knew only too well. Although he had not killed Yue Yi on the spot, but with the kind of injuries he inflicted on Yue Yi, even if Yue Yi managed to survive, Yue Yi should still be bedridden and would not be able to move in the slightest. But Yue Yi had appeared right before his eyes now, and was seemingly only slightly hindered in his movements, not looking like he had sustained any severe injuries.

    Zhuge Yin was shaking violently from fright. He had wanted to summon his spirit powers, but he discovered that his spirit powers had been sealed up by some strange force, and could not be used at all!
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