Chapter 1747: “Kneel (3)”

    Chapter 1747: "Kneel (3)"

    Zhuge Yin then suddenly thought of something. He began to tug persistently at his clothes, lifting his head up and turning his gaze between Jun Wu Xie and Yue Yi, the hand tugging at his clothes continuing to pull hard as he opened his mouth, helplessly making several soft "yargh" sounds.

    Yue Yi looked at Zhuge Yin in bewilderment when he suddenly saw that the part of the clothes that Zhuge Yin was tugging at was embroidered with the Dragon Slayers Palace's insignia.

    Zhuge Yin was trying to hint at his identity!

    In that instant, Yue Yi hesitated, and he turned to look at Jun Wu with a troubled look on his face.

    "He is the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord. If we are to harm him now....." Yue Yi could not afford to not consider the implications. He did not want Jun Wu to sink too deep.

    Jun Wu Xie's face was calm as she rested her cheek on one hand. Seeing the way Zhuge Yin was trying to hard to put up a struggle, Jun Wu Xie's mouth then curled up into a chilling smile.

    "Do you really think, after we have done all this, he will still let us live after we release him?"

    Jun Wu Xie's words were just like a whole bucket of cold water, that was splashed onto Zhuge Yin's body, which also made Yue Yi wake up completely.

    That's right. With Zhuge Yin's petty nature where he would seek revenge for the smallest grievance, he would definitely harbour intense hatred against them for the humiliation they had wrought upon Zhuge Yin today. Even if they were to stop now, Zhuge Yin would never let the matter rest, and the vengeance he would bring down upon them, would not be merciful to say in the least.

    The perpetual pain from the wounds that continued to wreck at his body was a constant reminder to Yue Yi of Zhuge Yin's brutality. He gripped the flexible whip in his hand tight, as he walked slowly towards Zhuge Yin one step at a time.

    The blood immediately drained out from Zhuge Yin's face as he shook his head in vehement denial, waving his arms frantically. In a state of panic, he even wet his finger from the tea still wet upon his face and then quickly wrote out a series of words on the floor.

    "I am the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord. You must not harm me or the Dragon Slayers Palace will never let you off! Stop now and I will treat it as if nothing had happened today."

    The words were carelessly written in a panicked scribble, but they clearly reflected what Zhuge Yin was trying to say.

    Yue Yi could not help himself but feel a moment of hesitation rise within his heart.

    Zhuge Yin was breathing heavily from nervousness. But just as he thought that he had managed to grasp upon a way out for himself, Jun Wu Xie's voice rose up chillingly.

    "Today, there is no doubt that you will have to die. You do not need to worry that we'll not be able to get away. A scapegoat for our deeds had already surrendered himself to take the blame." Jun Wu Xie said unhurriedly, which just sent chills to run through Zhuge Yin.

    Zhuge Yin looked at Jun Wu Xie in shock, unable to make himself believe everything Jun Wu Xie had just said.

    Jun Wu Xie then said indifferently: "Rest assured, you will be most satisfied with the scapegoat I have chosen. Haven't you been at loggerheads with Gu Ying from the Blood Fiend Palace? Let him shoulder the responsibility for murdering you and have him suffer the rage of the Dragon Slayers Palace. I think you should be..... satisfied with the arrangements right?"

    Jun Wu Xie's voice was light and soft, but when it fell into Zhuge Yin's ears, they roared as deafeningly as thunder!

    Even Yue Yi at the side was stunned by what he heard.

    Gu Ying.....

    He had thought that Jun Wu had merely suddenly altered his plans and was secretly feeling glad that Gu Xin Yan would not be harmed in the plot. But he just realized that Jun Wu had never changed a single part of his plan at all, as everything that was happening had been within his calculations all along!

    Why had Gu Ying suddenly come to find Zhuge Yin right at this very juncture? Even that, must have been carefully calculated within Jun Wu's grand scheme of things!

    Yue Yi suddenly remembered, that when Jun Wu had mentioned this plan to him, Zi Jin had been in the room. He could still recall the high anxiety Zi Jin had shown when she left, and just how pale her face had been.

    A highly shocking realization that formed in Yue Yi's mind right in that instant!

    So all those words that Jun Wu said to him then, were actually meant for Zi Jin's ears instead! ?
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