Chapter 1748: “Kneel (4)”

    Chapter 1748: "Kneel (4)"

    At the very moment, Yue Yi finally understood what Jun Wu real plan really was!

    Right from the beginning, Jun Wu had not ever wanted to make use of Gu Xin Yan to create a rift between Gu Ying and Zhuge Yin.

    Because right from the start, Jun Wu had fully intended to deal with Zhuge Yin himself!

    And the "made up" plot, had thrown a bait to Zi Jin.

    If Zi Jin had believed in Jun Wu, she would not have spilled the secret. But on the other hand, if Zi Jin's heart had wavered.....

    From the moment Jun Wu said that Gu Ying had come, Yue Yi already knew the answer to that.

    Zi Jin..... must have betrayed Jun Wu!

    And unknown to her, her betrayal had also been within Jun Wu's careful calculations, and everything, finally did not escape Jun Wu's absolute control.

    What a meticulous and terrifyingly intricate mind!

    If Zhuge Yin were to die in the room at that moment, then the biggest suspect would be Gu Ying whom everyone had just seen coming in! Jun Wu had dragged Gu Ying into the picture, not because he wanted Gu Ying to kill Zhuge Yin, but had actually wanted Gu Ying to shoulder the crime of murdering Zhuge Yin on his head!

    In that way, it would not only completely destroy the plan for the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace to form an alliance, but to turn the two palaces against each other into absolutely irreconcilable mortal enemies!

    And even the Pure Grace Palace would be dragged right into it all.

    Yue Yi had to take his hat off to Jun Wu for executing such a brilliant move, a move so carefully and meticulously calculated, that took three palaces among the Twelve Palaces, and tipped them all over into the abyss!

    After Zhuge Yin heard Jun Wu Xie's words, he looked as if he was struck by lightning, his entire person frozen in his spot. Beat him to death, and he would still never have thought that such a unremarkable youth from the Shadow Moon Palace would possess such a deep mind capable of dreaming up such an intricate scheme. Jun Wu had not implicated only him, but had dragged the Blood Fiend Palace, the Dragon Slayers Palace, and the Pure Grace Palace right into his grand plot!

    And not a single person had noticed a thing.

    "Yue Yi." Jun Wu Xie suddenly called out.

    "Here." Yue Yi snapped back to his senses.

    "Strike." Jun Wu Xie spat out that one word coldly.

    Zhuge Yin broke out in cold sweat, with all his escape routes severed. He could do nothing but shake his head violently in fear, continuously kowtowing as he begged for mercy.

    The intent to kill him had already risen within Jun Wu Xie!

    Yue Yi did not hesitate in the slightest this time, He gripped the whip in his hand and raised it up high, seeking to repay every single ounce of the humiliation and torment he had suffered, every single last bit!

    The long whip turned into a dark shadowy blur as its pointed barbs sharp as razors struck heavily upon Zhuge Yin's handsome face with a forceful lash!

    As Yue Yi pulled back on the whip, the sharp spikes embedded within the whip were like blades, that sliced and cut into flesh, as the whip lashed across Zhuge Yin's face!

    "Yargh yargh yargh! Yargh yargh yargh!" Intense pain spread through Zhuge Yin's face. He wanted to let out a heart rending roar from the unimaginable pain but his voice just came out so soft and faint. Blood poured out from the wounds on his face, as he frantically held his hands over it. As his fingers came to touch the bridge of his nose, he realized that his fingers could feel the wet and hard texture of bone!

    That lash of the whip from Yue Yi, had sliced off a portion of flesh from his face, cutting deeply across his face completely, to expose the white of his nose bridge bone!

    Zhuge Yin curled up writhing upon the ground, the pain wrecking at him so hard he was shaking, blood flowing down through the gap between his fingers, to stain the floor where he knelt in a pool of red.


    Yue Yi did not hold back, lash after lash he threw the whip out, slicing deeply onto the figure of Zhuge Yin, every pull of the whip cutting off a blood portion of flesh. Very soon, Zhuge Yin was covered all over in blood, his body curled into a ball and shaking while lying in a pool of his own blood, his back and arms looking like portions of his flesh had been sliced off, a blood filled scene of gore!
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