Chapter 1749: “Kneel (5)”

    Chapter 1749: "Kneel (5)"

    "Yargh..... Yargh....." Zhuge Yin lay on the floor, his entire body soaked in blood, and the expression on his once proud and arrogant face left with only fear and despair.

    Yue Yi no longer knew how long he had thrown out the lashes of the whip for. The web of his hand between his thumb and index finger had gone numb before he finally stopped. Seeing Zhuge Yin in a crumpled heap on the floor, the emotions that had been trapped and suppressed deep within Yue Yi's chest for such a long time finally broke free from its cage.

    He then turned himself around, and dropping the whip he held in his hand, he depended on the support lent to him by the black mist to fall on one knee right before Jun Wu.

    "I thank Young Master Jun for having saved my life, and from today onwards, I, Yue Yi, shall lay my life down to be yours to have." Yue Yi said sincerely with his head lowered. Jun Wu had not only saved his life, but had also given back to him the pride he had lost for so many years.

    Among the Twelve Palaces, there wouldn't be many people who would dare to seek revenge against Zhuge Yin. But Jun Wu had instead presented that very opportunity to him, and made him understand that he did not have to submit himself to being a pitiable worm that was doomed to be repressed.

    A person's body could be saved more easily, but the salvation of one's spirit was not something any regular person could achieve.

    Towards Yue Yi's declaration of loyalty, Jun Wu Xie did not give much of a reaction. She stood up slowly, and looked at the gory mess that was Zhuge Yin, and just said indifferently: "Your life is your own. I have no need for it."

    She had saved him not because she wanted to find herself a loyal servant, but had been because of the love and concern he had for his younger sister.

    Jun Wu Xie might be able to remain unmoved against many other things, but she attached much value and importance to strong family ties.

    A youth who was willing to take on humiliation and suffering for ten years in place of his younger sister, was worthy of her extending her hand out to save him.

    Yue Yi knelt silently on one side, the emotions in his heart surging.

    Jun Wu Xie slowly walked over to come beside Zhuge Yin, and she lifted Zhuge Yin's bloody chin with the tip of her toe, to raise his head up.

    On that once handsome and arrogant face, it was now covered in wounds deep enough to expose the bone underneath. Blood stained his entire face and his original countenance was completely unrecognizable.

    Zhuge Yin shivered as he opened his mouth, his trembling lip revealing the fear he was feeling right at that moment. His eyes that had been soaked in blood had turned red, as they stared in horror at Jun Wu Xie, not daring to even show the tiniest bit of hatred.

    But just pure terror.

    "Afraid?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly asked softly.

    Zhuge Yin struggled to nod his head, more blood spilling out with the movement of his head, that fell into the blood already pooled on the floor.

    "Then bring this fear and terror with you as you go down to Hell." Jun Wu Xie's cold voice reached Zhuge Yin's ears, sounding like the ringing of death's knell!

    Before Zhuge Yin could even react in anyway, Jun Wu Xie suddenly exerted force onto the foot she placed under Zhuge Yin's chin!

    A crisp sharp crack reverberated within the room that was filled with the stench of blood. Zhuge Yin's bloodied head lay twisted in a strange angle upon his shoulder.

    Death, had descended upon him, quiet and soundless.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the lifeless Zhuge Yin and then pulled out a white porcelain bottle from her Cosmos Sack. She opened the cap and a clear transparent liquid dripped onto Zhuge Lin's body as she tipped the bottle.

    A faint sizzling sounded, as the liquid dripped onto Zhuge Yin's body melded into flesh and blood, slowly dissolving Zhuge Yin's flesh and skin, to be left with a set of white skeletal remains.

    "Let's go." Jun Wu Xie cast a final glance at the body that was still continuing to corrode, and then turned her cold gaze outside the window while Jun Wu Yao lifted Yue Yi out of the room with the black mist. Inside the room, only a tiny black cat was left in there and after Jun Wu Xie and the others had left, it raised its paw to latch up the window from inside, before it silently turned into a ball of mist, to seep out through the narrow gap between the locked window panels.
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