Chapter 1750: “Hush (1)”

    Chapter 1750: "Hush (1)"

    Early the next morning, Jun Wu Xie was lying soundly asleep in bed. It was not known since when, but Jun Wu Yao was already awake as he lay on his side beside Jun Wu Xie, his head propped up with one arm, wisps of his hair lying across his face and his slightly narrowed eyes quietly gazing upon the figure of a little black cat hidden under the blanket who was trying its hardest to reduce its presence to become as small as it could.

    "Meow....." The little black cat looked at Jun Wu Yao with pitiful doe like eyes, deeply fearful that the great demon lord would slaughter it in a hasty moment of displeasure. With Jun Wu Xie's wilful decision to plop it right in between the two of them, it had certainly created a certain level of "division" for the great demon lord. But at the same time..... it had made the little black cat feel the same level of "division" from its own seemingly puny life.

    Reacting to its innate survival instinct kicking in strongly, the little black cat widened its eyes as much as it could, to put on a adorable look of complete obedience, its tail even shamelessly  swishing compliantly.

    "Scram." Jun Wu Yao said softly, his voice sounding highly friendly, but the single word spat out made every single strand of fur on the little black cat stand on end.

    The little black cat cast a highly conflicted glance upon the soundly sleeping figure of Jun Wu Xie, and then turned back to look at the great demon lord with murder spilling out from him. In the end, it raised a highly unprincipled paw to slowly leap off from the bed, pliantly walking itself to a corner of the room, to sit with its face staring into the wall.

    Without the little obstacle, Jun Wu Yao smiled as he stretched one arm out, to wrap the soundly sleeping Jun Wu Xie into an embrace.

    The little figure lay on her side, her body slightly curled up, with her palms laid flat together and slipped under her cheek, soundly and sweetly asleep.

    The once puerile and tender little one, had now blossomed into a young lady with beauty that could bring countries to ruin, the petite figure dissipating with a familiar fragrant scent of herbs. Clasped within the embrace of Jun Wu Yao, she continued to sleep deeply, but when the little figure's back touched that burning hot chest, she could not help but squirmed a little, seeking to find a more comfortable position to continue to sleep.

    But that one slight squirm, immediately caused Jun Wu Yao's breathing to deepen.

    The figure that a young lady would grow to possess had already bloomed out and that slightly perked up behind had fleetingly brushed against Jun Wu Yao firm abdomen. They were both dressed in only their inner robes, and the thin material was not sufficient to block out the warmth of that fleeting touch.

    That rounded little behind, had unconsciously lightly brushed Jun Wu Yao on his abdomen and from under that thin cloth covering, the warmth from that smooth skin had made him feel as if there had been no cloth between that fleeting touch.

    In an instant, Jun Wu Yao's jet black eyes were shrouded by a pure and brilliant violet shade, his body's temperature immediately beginning to rise uncontrollably.

    However, the soundly asleep Jun Wu Xie was completely unaware of the kind of "torment" she had inflicted upon Jun Wu Yao.

    His chest pressed against by the back of the tiny figure, his abdomen fleetingly brushed by her movement, it caused Jun Wu Yao's throat to run dry, and the hand that was placed on Jun Wu Xie's shoulder involuntarily slid down, gently over the slender arm, inch by inch to shift onto the waist so slim it seemed it would not be able to withstand the grip of his hand. That slim waist that would seemingly break under a single grasp and the smooth tender skin under the robe teased and poked at Jun Wu Yao's senses incessantly.

    Jun Wu Yao took a deep breath, his burning fingertips slipping helplessly under the cloth. When his fingertips felt the soft touch of the tender skin, a numbing sense spread throughout his entire body!

    The skin under his fingertips seemed to be sucking him in, causing him to helplessly want to feel more of that touch, leading his hand to advance bit by bit from the pit of her abdomen, to slowly slide towards Jun Wu Xie's flat little abdomen, to linger over her belly button, lost in mind numbing pleasure.
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