Chapter 1751: “Hush (2)”

    Chapter 1751: "Hush (2)"

    The skin under his fingertips seemed to be sucking him in, causing him to helplessly want to feel more of that touch, leading his hand to advance bit by bit from the pit of her abdomen, to slowly slide towards Jun Wu Xie's flat little abdomen, to linger over her belly button, lost in mind numbing pleasure.

    Jun Wu Yao could not help himself but embraced Jun Wu Xie even more tightly as he lowered his head to rest his chin on the nape of her neck, enjoying the fragrance that filled his nose.

    The faint tinge of bitterness, was more alluring to him than the scent of any perfumed powder.

    Jun Wu Xie's petite figure was already wrapped within Jun Wu Yao's embrace, her back tightly pressed against his, every slight breath Jun Wu Xie took igniting sparks within Jun Wu Yao's numbed mind.

    [Not enough.....]

    [It's still not enough.....]

    Jun Wu Yao's hand, slowly slid over Jun Wu Xie's body, the burning touch almost suffocating Jun Wu Yao completely.

    The cloth under his palm was so thin, but it caused Jun Wu Yao to become extraordinarily frustrated. Suddenly, he grasped his hand upon the cloth, and the thin cloth tore somewhat with that slightest exertion of his strength.

    The chill in the cold air spread over Jun Wu Xie's skin at the back and she subconsciously shifted her body seeking warmth.

    With just that slight shift, smooth tender skin pressed up against Jun Wu Yao's palm!

    Jun Wu Yao hugged Jun Wu Xie tightly, a surge raging at his lower abdomen as Jun Wu Xie's little behind stuck against him. With the absence of cloth in between, the surging emotions that were driving him mad grew stronger in intensity.

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes turned deep and cloudy, his eyes half closed as he kissed at Jun Wu Xie's neck, his hand greedy to caress the flawless skin.

    Tender kisses pecked upon Jun Wu Xie's sensitive skin on her neck, spreading numbness over Jun Wu Xie as her brows creased up faintly. And at the moment that Jun Wu Yao gently bit upon her earlobe, Jun Wu Xie's eyes suddenly flared wide open!

    The moment Jun Wu Xie awoke, she noticed that something didn't feel the same. The burning heat she felt on her back startled her and she seemed to feel a more intense heat near her behind.

    "You....." Although Jun Wu Xie was rather lacking in emotional quotient, but she was still a doctor afterall, and the number of male bodies she had dissected was countless. Hence, she would naturally possess a competent understanding of at least the basics of male physiology. In an instant, Jun Wu Xie's face immediately flushed a deep red and at that moment, her cold eyes displaying a rare moment of panic as she looked at Jun Wu Yao to see what he was going to say.

    But having fallen so deep, Jun Wu Yao did not give Jun Wu Xie the chance to open her mouth to speak but just propped himself up and his hands just went on to hold each side of Jun Wu Xie's head before plunging his head down to seal up Jun Wu Xie's slightly open mouth.

    The scorching hot tongue slithered into Jun Wu Xie's mouth, tyrannically seeking to dominate and conquer, relentlessly as it lunged.

    Jun Wu Xie was frozen with surprise, her nose filled with the scent of Jun Wu Yao, her petite self enveloped by Jun Wu Yao's towering frame. She could easily raise a hand to push him away, but the numbing feeling caused Jun Wu Xie's always clear mind to become mush, going completely blank.

    Seeking to conquer all of her, Jun Wu Yao was restless and overwhelmed with unsatiated urge. He lifted a hand to clasp over Jun Wu Xie's small hand.

    Jun Wu Xie stopped breathing at that moment, her eyes widening slightly.

    "Little Xie..... Help!" Jun Wu Yao lifted his head back, his half closed eyes slightly glazed. Jun Wu Yao's raspy voice rang within Jun Wu Xie's ears, stirring up the calm within her heart.
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