Chapter 1752: “Hush (3)”

    Chapter 1752: "Hush (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie gulped.....

    All of a sudden!

    A series of sharp knocks on the door shattered the heady haziness of the moment.

    Jun Wu Xie was startled and she had just wanted to get up when Jun Wu Yao pressed her down.

    His voice tinged with a trace of agony spilled out from Jun Wu Yao's mouth. "Wait a moment."

    That deep and raspy voice was one that Jun Wu Xie had never heard before, a voice filled with agony.

    Jun Wu Xie did not dare to move, and could only obediently lie back on the bed as the knocking on the door continued to sound continuously.

    Jun Wu Yao held his eyes closed, crystalline beads of perspiration sliding down his chiseled features on his face, to drip onto Jun Wu Xie's collarbone, which felt a little hot.

    Moments later, Jun Wu Yao's breathing then reverted to normal. He pushed himself up as he looked at Jun Wu Xie lying there, the sunlight streaming through the window into the room, the faint light seemingly shrouding Jun Wu Xie's body in a glowing glimmer.

    Jun Wu Yao drew in a deep breath, suddenly getting up, not daring to cast her another glance.

    Jun Wu Xie then slowly sat up in bed, and that was when she discovered the disheveled state her clothes were in, realizing that her torn robe did not cover her body fully. She then clasped the blanket in front of herself as she stared with her face reddened at Jun Wu Yao sitting at the edge of the bed.

    Jun Wu Yao then got up and took out a piece of clothing from the wardrobe at the side to hand over to Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie silently changed into it, her gaze fixed upon the figure of Jun Wu Yao, but she saw that he kept his back facing her throughout. He had even kept his head lowered when he handed her the clothes, not daring to meet her eyes.

    Without knowing why, the strange bashfulness Jun Wu Xie was feeling in her heart suddenly evaporated in an instant, and a smile immediately crept onto the corners of her lips.

    The knocking continued to disturb the two of them. After Jun Wu Xie changed her clothes, she then put her disguise back onto her face before walking over to the door and pulling it open.

    Outside the door, stood a person that Jun Wu Xie had least expected to see.

    "Long time no see." Gu Ying said as he stood outside Jun Wu Xie's door, that handsome face filled with an absolutely brilliant smile, but with a pair of slightly narrowed eyes filled with an intense bloodthirsty glint.

    Jun Wu Xie had not thought that Gu Ying would appear here but when facing anyone besides Jun Wu Yao, her mind was always adequately calm, her face not showing anything out of the ordinary, but to stare coldly at Gu Ying as she asked: "Is anything the matter?"

    Gu Ying smiled slightly, the narrowed eyes sweeping over Jun Wu Xie's face, seemingly trying to carefully study every minute detail of her face.

    "Jun Wu? Or maybe, should I call you Jun Xie?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly.

    Gu Ying gave a light laugh and said: "It's still the same as before you see, your eyes are still as beautiful as ever, and your mannerisms are exactly the same as you were in the past. But there is one thing I am very curious about. If I am to reveal your identity to others, do you think that you will still be able to walk out of this Pure Grace Palace alive? Hmm? Ally of the Spirit Jade Palace?" The tone of Gu Ying's voice raised up slightly, tinged with a trace of laziness and mockery.

    In the instant that Gu Ying mentioned the words "Spirit Jade Palace", Jun Wu Xie came to understand everything.

    She really had not thought that Zi Jin's naivety would sink to such an extent, that she would expose the identities of the entire group to Gu Ying.

    Jun Wu Xie's heart rose in a sneer, but her face remained cold and icy.

    "What are you talking about? I do not understand."

    Gu Ying laughed and then said: "You don't understand? It's alright. We have lots of time to let you understand it properly."
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