Chapter 1753: “The Show Begins (1)”

    Chapter 1753: "The Show Begins (1)"

    Gu Ying laughed and then said: "You don't understand? It's alright. We have lots of time to let you understand it properly."

    Jun Wu Xie stared at Gu Ying coldly.

    "Aren't you going to ask me to go in to have a seat? Or would you prefer.... that I announce your real identity right here?" Gu Ying asked, lifting his eyebrow up slightly, his eyes looking highly malicious.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze then slowly turned, to look into another direction down the corridor, and then turning her eyes back to look at Gu Ying to say: "I think, you will not have that chance at all."

    Gu Ying was rather puzzled and he was just about to say something when a flurry of hurried steps suddenly sounded out. Accompanying the rumble of footsteps, was a loud shout, that suddenly rang out in the quiet corridor!

    "Gu Ying is over there!"

    Suddenly hearing his name being called out, Gu Ying's brows immediately furrowed and turned his head over in that direction.

    He saw several youths wearing the uniform of the Dragon Slayers Palace rushing towards him in a hurry with an Elder of the Pure Grace Palace. The expressions on the faces of the youths were not looking pretty in the slightest and the eyes that stared at Gu Ying were all filled with hatred.

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes and then said in a voice that could only be heard by Gu Ying and her: "Now, who would you say is in bigger trouble?"

    An ominous feeling then rose up within Gu Ying's heart as the group of people charged to come right beside him.

    "Gu Ying! You've sure got one hell of a gall!" A youth from the Dragon Slayers Palace immediately pointed his finger at Gu Ying to berate him loudly.

    Gu Ying took a deep breath, and then turned to face the unfriendly newcomers.

    "When my gall is good or not, doesn't need you bunch of trash here to comment upon." Gu Ying replied with a sneer.

    The youth from the Dragon Slayers Palace trembled with rage. He quickly turned to look at the Pure Grace Palace's Elder and complained: "Elder! Gu Ying till now is still being so arrogant! This happened within the premises of your Pure Grace Palace, so how this matter should be dealt with, with depend on what you and your people do!"

    The face of the Pure Grace Palace's Elder had turned an ugly colour and his gaze was fixed upon Gu Ying. Feeling highly conflicted inside, he sighed lightly and then said: "Young Master Gu, something happened in the Pure Grace Palace yesterday and the disciples of the Dragon Slayers Palace say that you are involved in the matter. Can I ask for you to kindly come with me, to explain the matter clearly."

    Gu Ying's eyebrow arched up. "Oh? What happened?"

    "It's a matter of life and death." The Pure Grace Palace's Elder said.

    The unease in Gu Ying's heart grew more and more intense. He was already surrounded by the furious group of Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples and he could see that the Pure Grace Palace's Elder's demeanor was a little strained.

    Gu Ying then laughed suddenly.

    "Alright, then I make a trip to come with you."

    At that moment, Gu Ying could no longer be bothered to find trouble with Jun Wu Xie. Surrounded by the Pure Grace Palace's Elder and the group of disciples from the Dragon Slayers Palace, he began to walk away from Jun Wu Xie's door.

    Watching the back of Gu Ying as he departed, Jun Wu Xie's eyes flashed with mirth before she released the grip of her hand that was holding the door tightly, to turn her head and look at Jun Wu Yao who was absolutely spilling over with murderous rage.

    "Why would you need to even get so angry?" Jun Wu Xie said with an indiscernible smile as she looked at Jun Wu Yao's gaze that had subtly changed. From the first moment that Gu Ying had just finished his first sentence, murder had already risen in Jun Wu Yao. If not for the fact that she blocked the door to stop him from getting out, Gu Ying would already be dead right in front of that door.

    Jun Wu Yao then scooped his arm around Jun Wu Xie's slender waist to pull her into his embrace.

    "No anger, just felt like killing people that's all."

    Having his "great action" being interrupted and he even went on to threaten Jun Wu Xie in such a manner. If it was not for the fact that he might unconsciously hurt Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao would have struck him down.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "To kill him, we won't need you to even lift a finger. Want to watch a good show?" She then lifted a hand to tickle Jun Wu Yao's chin playfully and Jun Wu Yao lowered his head to bite her on the finger.

    "Since it was all set up by you, I will naturally have to watch it."
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