Chapter 1754: “The Show Begins (2)”

    Chapter 1754: "The Show Begins (2)"

    Gu Ying was brought to the main palace hall of the Pure Grace Palace. Sitting within the palace hall, besides several of the Elders from the Pure Grace Palace, were disciples of the Dragon Slayers Palace, and people from the Blood Fiend Palace were rushing in as well. Many of the disciples from other palaces who had gotten wind of the situation were also hurrying over, to crowd around the place at the sides.

    Inside the main palace hall, Gu Xin Yan stood among a group of disciples from the Blood Fiend Palace, her brows creased up slightly. She did not know what had happened but came here after receiving news from the Pure Grace Palace that all of them were to come to the palace hall.

    And now, when she saw Gu Ying being personally escorted in by an Elder of the Pure Grace Palace, a ill feeling of an ominous premonition involuntarily rose up in her heart.

    Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao were quietly hidden at the back of the crowd to watch the great show unfold.

    Gu Ying stood straight backed within the palace hall. He looked at the several Elders seated in the hall without showing any deference as he opened his mouth to say: "For what reason do we need to have such a large number of people gather? If you have anything to ask, just shoot."

    One of the Elders from the Pure Grace Palace creased up his brows to stare at the bright and handsome looking youth before his eyes. If he could, he wouldn't want to be tainted with troubled waters such as this. However..... looking at the sides of the palace hall, lined with furious disciples from the Dragon Slayers Palace, he could only sigh inwardly in his heart.

    "Gu Ying, yesterday afternoon, where were you?" The Elder opened his mouth to ask.

    Gu Ying replied: "I was naturally in my room."

    "Then did you step out from there?" The Elder then continued to ask.

    Hearing that, Gu Ying already detected that something did not seem right but he was not able to identify what the problem was exactly at that point, and so he could only say: "I went out to look for my sister."

    "And where else did you go?" The Elder persisted on.

    Gu Ying then answered: "I went to look for Zhuge Yin, but he was not there."

    Gu Ying had just finished saying that when the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples exploded in an uproar!

    "What utter nonsense! Our Young Lord did not even take a single step out from his room yesterday! When you came to find him, how could he possibly not be there? Come on! You committed such a dastardly deed and you're still trying to deny it! Do you really think that our Dragon Slayers Palace are such pushovers! ?" The disciples of the Dragon Slayers Palaces were glaring at Gu Ying through tightly gritted teeth. If not for the people from the Pure Grace Palace holding them back, they might all have jumped upon Gu Ying to rip him to shreds.

    [Zhuge Yin had been in his room all that time?]

    Gu Ying's brows furrowed together into a frown. When he had gone to find Zhuge Yin yesterday, he had not detected any sign of Zhuge Yin at all. The room had been completely empty and he had not sensed the presence of anyone in there.

    [Why were the disciples of the Dragon Slayers Palace saying that Zhuge Yin had never left from his room?]

    "I beg for our guests from the Dragon Slayers Palace to please remain calm. In this matter, we will definitely get to the bottom of it." The Pure Grace Palace's Elder quickly said.

    On one hand, it was the Blood Fiend Palace, and on the other, the Dragon Slayers Palace. Both were entities the Pure Grace Palace could not afford to antagonize, nor would they dare to offend.

    Waiting till the commotion over on the Dragon Slayers Palace's side had calmed down a little, the Pure Grace Palace's Elder then continued to say: "Gu Ying, you've heard the words of the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples. Their Young Lord, who is Zhuge Yin, had not stepped out from his room at all yesterday. And for the whole of yesterday, the only person who went there to look for him was only you alone. Moreover, after you went there, Zhuge Yin fell into misfortune. How are you going to explain yourself in this matter?"

    "Misfortune? What happened to him?" The strong unease that hovered in Gu Ying's heart became more and more clear as he seemed to feel that he might have forgotten something.

    "He's dead." The Pure Grace Palace's Elder said.

    Gu Ying's eyes widened slightly.

    Zhuge Yin was dead, and he died in his own room. It was discovered by a Dragon Slayers Palace's disciple that morning when he went to ask Zhuge Yin to go for breakfast.
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