Chapter 1755: “The Show Begins (3)”

    Chapter 1755: "The Show Begins (3)"

    The first person who had stepped into Zhuge Yin's room that day had been almost shocked right out of his wits!

    The entire room had been filled with the overwhelming stench of blood and everyone had not been able to find a trace of Zhuge Yin but only saw a person's corpse that had been turned into a bloody gory heap in the room, and the accessories on that corpse had matched what Zhuge Yin wore exactly. The Pure Grace Palace's healers had gone to check and from the skeletal remains left behind, the age and height of the victim ascertained had also completely matched Zhuge Yin.

    A set of badly wrecked and ravaged human remains appearing in Zhuge Yin's room, and regardless of whether it was the accessories or the dead body's characteristics, they matched Zhuge Yin perfectly. Moreover, Zhuge Yin had disappeared from everyone's sight and hence, without needing to even think about it, everyone knew that pile of rotting flesh must definitely be Zhuge Yin without a doubt!

    Such an unbelievable scene so filled with blood and gore, immediately drove the youths from the Dragon Slayers Palace out of their minds.

    Zhuge Yin was the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's one and only son!

    And he carried on his shoulders, the hope of the Dragon Slayers Palace but was now mindlessly murdered in the Pure Grace Palace, with even his body so unbearably mutilated. Seeing such a scene with their own eyes, how could the youths from the Dragon Slayers Palace be able to still remain calm?

    "I had not met Zhuge Yin at all yesterday." Immediately upon hearing about Zhuge Yin's death, the cloud of suspicion in Gu Ying's heart instantly cleared up when it was struck by a bolt of lightning! The missing piece that he had forgotten, finally rose to the surface.

    Zi Jin had told him about Jun Wu Xie's plan before this but he had seen a gaping loophole in it and not believed it. But coincidentally, Gu Xin Yan had been invited to go out to meet Zhuge Yin which left him no choice but to have to go check on Zhuge Yin. In the end.....

    Zhuge Yin had suddenly so mysteriously died?

    "Utter rubbish! You had obviously gone into the Young Lord's room yesterday! We all saw it!" Several of the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples who had seen Gu Ying going into Zhuge Yin's room immediately jumped out.

    Gu Ying suppressed the rage in his heart as he said calmly: "I did go to his room, but I did not find him inside."

    "Gu Ying! You are lying with your eyes wide open! Our Young Lord had not once left his room yesterday and all of this was witnessed by everyone of us here! You were the only outsider that went in there yesterday and our Young Lord was dead after you left! If you did not do it, then who else could it be! ? May I ask, who would ravage a dead body to such an extent? Besides one as maniacally cruel as you! Who else could it be! ?"

    Zhuge Yin's body was left in a pitiful state, where even the healers who had gone there to inspect the body had almost vomited on the spot.

    If it was asked among all the guests who came to the Pure Grace Palace for the birthday celebration, who inflicted the most gory and bloody strikes upon his opponents, it would undoubtedly be Gu Ying! Gu Ying's highly bloody methods, was known far and wide throughout the Twelve Palaces!

    "That's incorrect!" Suddenly, a voice rang out out of the blue. Gu Xin Yan who had been standing on one side suddenly came walking to stand before everyone, beside Gu Ying. She looked at the Pure Grace Palace's Elder and then said: "The Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples  said that Zhuge Yin had not stepped out from his room at all yesterday, but I had a long leisurely stroll with Zhuge Yin yesterday. If what the disciples of Dragon Slayers Palace say is true, then who was it that I saw?"

    Hearing what had been said about the entire incident, it really caused Gu Xin Yan to break into a bout of cold sweat. But based on the time that the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples had mentioned, that was the same time that she had just parted with Zhuge Yin. Calculating based on that timing, Gu Ying would naturally not be able to see Zhuge Yin in his room, so how could he even kill him at all? Moreover, she had seen Zhuge Yin with her own eyes, so the fact that the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples were claiming that Zhuge Yin had not once left his room would naturally be a lie!
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