Chapter 47: “It’s a Small World (2)”

    Chapter 47: "It's a Small World (2)"

    "Tsk, what's so great about Qing Yun Clan, it's not even worth mentioning." A voice full of disdain came from Jun Wu Xie's side as she turned and saw the unkempt youth muttering under his breath while chewing on a blade of bamboo leaf with his hands behind his head. He gave the surrounding crowd who were admiring Bai Yun Xian a look of contempt.

    He had said it very softly but Jun Wu Xie had caught what he said.

    When the youth met Jun Wu Xie's gaze, he gave her a grin and he laughed out. "Didn't I say I wasn't interested in elixirs? Naturally I won't be interested in Qing Yun Clan as well."

    The youth tried to explain however Jun Wu Xie paid no heed to him as she strode past him.

    He helplessly laughed to himself and said no more.

    "What do you want to trade for in exchange for these two Spiritual Gems and the nine Eastern Pearls?" Once Mo Xuan Fei saw the smile on his beloved, he had decided to splurge on her.

    That time when Mo Xuan Fei brought Jun Wu Xie to Ghost City, not to even a single gold coin was spent. They had only walked a couple of streets and they headed back.

    Now with Bai Yun Xian by his side, he was much more generous.

    The old man looked up at Mo Xuan Fei, exhaled some smoke from the pipe and casually said: "I only accept elixirs."

    Mo Xuan Fei was slightly startled.

    As a Second Prince to a nation, he had seen all sorts of treasures and had access to a large portion of them as well. However, in terms of medical advancements and elixirs, State of Qi was not as developed as its counterparts and this was one area he was lacking in. All the valuable potions and elixirs were locked up in a separate vault which he had no access to.

    "I'll trade it with you for jade." Mo Xuan Fei countered. He did not want to lose face in front of Bai Yun Xian, as he casually took out a piece of fine jade almost as big as his palm. This jade was indeed a rare treasure. Mo Xuan Fei was determined to impress Bai Yun Xian.

    Unfortunately, the old man did not bother to even give it a glance and continued smoking his pipe.

    It was clear that he wasn't interested. If this had happened in Imperial City, who would dare to offend Mo Xuan Fei and not give him any face? He was a dignified prince and he actually wanted to buy something from you and that meant that he had placed you in his sight and that itself should be the greatest honour. If you did not comply, the guards will dismantle the stall and the person thrown in the dungeon.

    But this was Ghost City.

    Although it was opened beneath the Imperial City, it wasn't owned by the Kingdom of Qi. It was opened and managed by a mysterious origin that had brawny guards wearing masks and maintaining the order within the marketplace. It was truly a unique place which was hidden away from the main stream but these guards were not to be trifled with. No matter what you sell, no one bothers. However, if someone wants to stir trouble by not matching the trade, the guards will immediately throw that person out.

    There were also those who tried to play dirty tricks were 'invited' out and banned from returning to Ghost City. There was a zero tolerance policy on troublemakers.

    There was once when the Prime Minister's son had been thrown out into the streets and had disgraced the entire family. However, the Prime Minister did not dare create any trouble in Ghost City and suffered silently by pretending that no such incident ever happened.

    Since then, the people knew that the identity behind Ghost City must be from a powerful background and no one dared to mess around again.

    As for Mo Xuan Fei, he did not know who exactly was behind Ghost City but he knew that it was someone he could not afford to offend. If he did, he may end up with the same outcome as the Prime Minister's son!
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