Chapter 83 “Ill Intent (1)”

    Chapter 83 "Ill Intent (1)"

    In the Crown Prince's Residence, Jun Wu Xie was taking his pulse. The past few days of treatment had removed most of the toxins in his body and Mo Qian Yuan was feeling much better. His usually pale face now had more colour.

    When the Second Prince visit was announced, his face showed a hint of impatience.

    "Choosing this time to come, I'm sure he's up to no good." Mo Qian Yuan sneered.

    The relationship between the two brothers were not harmonious. Mo Qian Yuan's mother was the Queen while Mo Xuan Fei's mother was a concubine. After the Queen had passed away, she took over the harem and also became Emperor's favourite. The Emperor had doted heavily on this concubine although the Queen had passed away and this made Mo Qian Yuan's heart chill.

    Jun Wu Xie pulled her hand that was taking his pulse back as she said: "Now that your recovery is known, some people are afraid and cannot keep still."

    Mo Qian Yuan did not conceal his recovery and this was also specified specifically by Jun Wu Xie.

    Who would support a stupid Prince and Lin Palace? He must first re-establish the reputation from the ground up, starting by gaining back the trust from the citizens and the other ministers.

    This point was understood well by both Jun Wu Xie and Mo Xian Yuan.

    "I'd like to see what he can do to me, the Crown Prince." Mo Qian Yuan scoffed as his eyes flashed a hint of cold intent. Although the Crown Prince's position was not stable, the Emperor still needed to ensure his own reputation. Hence he would not do anything radical and even Mo Qian Yuan wouldn't dare do anything in front of others.

    In a few moments, Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian strode in leisurely.

    In terms of appearance and temperament, Mo Xuan Fei had a high reputation in the whole country, Bai Yun Xian was dressed in white like a fairy, being by his side had complemented this couple as an air of elegance and pride could be felt.

    "Imperial Brother, I've not seen you for so many days, your complexion looks much better." Mo Xuan Fei spewed his words out smoothly as he entered and caught a glimpse of Jun Wu Xie which startled him slightly.

    Mo Xuan Fei felt a discomfort in his chest, as unhappiness filled it. The number one reason which her looks were never emphasized in the past was because of her terrible temper that had surpassed and overshadowed her appearance.

    She had always looked at him with eyes full of admiration and enthusiasm however now her eyes were cold and aloof and what's more, she didn't even look his way.

    This change in temperament gave a feeling as if she was a totally different person, her ethereal beauty matched her ice cold personality as if she was a snow lotus - pristine,beautiful and unattainable.

    Jun Wu Xie also was dressed in white today as she was seated casually on a chair with her bright eyes slightly downcast reading the book in her hands, with no intention to raise her head.

    Both were dressed in white, both had cold personalities, both were gorgeous women, but somehow, Mo Xuan Fei actually felt that after seeing Jun Wu Xie, Bai Yun Xian seemed less elegant and stunning.

    Jun Wu Xie's indifference that she exuded was as if the mundane world had nothing to do with her as she sat there quietly, everything about it was so natural, even her sitting her posture was perfect. In contrast, Bai Yun Xian didn't look that natural although her chin was raised up in an aloof manner, if directly compared with Jun Wu Xie, hers was simply intentional and made it seem less apealing.

    Mo Xuan Fei felt that he must be crazy to actually feel more moved when he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Impossible! This must be an illusion!
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