Chapter 137: “The Shaky Throne (2)”

    Chapter 137: "The Shaky Throne (2)"

    The Emperor nodded heavily, just at that moment, an eunuch came to deliver a new message, after reading the scroll on hand, the Emperor's face turned pale.

    "This Jun Wu Xie dares to act so brazenly!!!" He clenched his fist till his knuckles turned white.

    "Imperial Father, what is the matter?" Mo Xuan Fei was startled at his father's outburst.

    The Emperor flung the scroll angrily at Mo Xuan Fei, seething in rage. Mo Xuan Fei scrambled to catch it and his face also lost all colour after reading the contents.

    "Sh..She actually had the entire Rui Lin Army blockade up the whole Imperial City? What is she up to now?!"

    "What is she up to? Ah! This girl really wants to get rid of me! The whole Imperial City is now indirectly placed under the Rui Lin Army's control, I can't even get my forces in to protect me, she clearly wants me to abdicate! She wants me to abdicate! Using such tactics, she really is very heartless!" The Emperor felt as if there was a noose around his neck being held by Jun Wu Xie and she was slowly tightening it, as he found his breathing erratic and he started gasping for air.

    "No wonder she invited the Crown Prince to return to Lin Palace with her, she was afraid that I might get rid of him if I had found out her intentions in advance. If there's no candidate to ascend the throne, she won't force this hand on me." Thinking how intricate her planning was, the Emperor really wanted to vomit blood!

    Mo Xuan Fei's face turned as white as sheet, never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that Jun Wu Xie was so capable and to have exploited various reasons to put them in such a tight spot.

    How did she pull it off? What was in that mind of hers? How could she think of so many plans?

    "T..Then what should we do now? You can't be thinking of handing everything over to her on a silver platter, without even putting up a bit of a fight?" Mo Xuan Fei started to panic, the relationship he had with Jun Wu Xie was now rotten to the extreme, since he had broken off the engagement. If she had designs on the Emperor's throne, he would definitely get embroiled in it and he would have no means of escape.

    "Stop panicking! Things won't be going the way she planned, quickly, send some of our people to go out of Imperial City under the cover of the night in disguise." The Emperor's eyes were full of malice as he narrowed them, seething silently in rage.

    The moon hung in the sky as the cold night breeze blew into the Imperial Study. The Emperor stood by the window as he looked out staring at the moon in deep contemplation. There were some shuffling movements at the door as an eunuch scrambled to bring him some news: All the people he had sent out had lost their heads, not a single soul made it out of Imperial City.

    "All of them had beast contractual spirits!" The Emperor felt his heart ache as he bellowed at the poor eunuch who brought the ill news.

    He had not expect that they would be so easily wiped out, he had actually made sure they were under the guise of the commoners, he did not think that the Rui Lin Army would actually dare kill commoners.

    Won't they afraid of arousing the wrath of the common people?

    However, no matter what beasts they had, be it aerial or land beasts, Rui Lin Army had shot them down mercilessly.

    The Emperor slumped onto his chair as his thoughts were thrown into disarray, cold sweat trickling down his forehead.

    Nobody was allowed out of Imperial City, they had fully locked down the entire city and he had no means to get help from outside!

    "Go! Quickly summon Bai Yun Xian!" The Emperor hollered, he suddenly remembered he still had a hidden card.

    No matter what, Bai Yun Xian was still Qing Yun Clan Sovereign's disciple and even he did not dare provoke them. Relying on their great influence, Bai Yun Xian was his hidden trump card! Only she had the power to reverse the situation!

    Mo Xuan Fei quickly brought Bai Yun Xian to the Imperial Study.

    Her face was black to the extreme, being awoken in the middle of the night, she was in a very bad mood. She was on a cold war with Mo Xuan Fei and now he actually dragged her out in the middle of the night while she was having her beauty sleep! She gave a perfunctory curtsy to the Emperor.

    "May I know what is so important that Your Majesty had to invite me over so urgently for?"

    "Miss Bai, time is at stake, I really need you to extend your grace, we need to seek your assistance in some matters." The Emperor resumed his dignified poise as he gave her a warm smile.

    Bai Yun Xian was slightly startled, she had went to bed earlier today and had no idea of the huge changes the winds had brought about to the Kingdom of Qi.
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