Chapter 147: “Poison (2)”

    Chapter 147: "Poison (2)"

    Covered from head to toe in blood and various remnants of body parts, Mo Qian Yuan stood stunned, face twisted in a grimace. His mind went blank, and all was quiet, the people who witnessed the gruesome scene were all shocked beyond words.

    Mo Qian Yuan forced down the bile threatening to rush up his throat, and tried his best to maintain his composure. He raised his sleeve to wipe off his face, and ordered the Rui Lin Army guards: "Clear up the area immediately, and check on the man's background."

    The Rui Lin Army guards immediately went the task, fast and efficient, bringing order back to the street. With shouts of gratitude from the people, Mo Qian Yuan went back to the Lin Palace, covered in the gory mess.

    The moment he stepped through the door, Mo Qian Yuan met Jun Wu Xie who was on her way out.



    "............" A single syllable uttered and he was rewarded with "Scram", before he could say more, Jun Wu Xie had turned, and headed back into the house.

    "Hey, wait!" Mo Qian Yuan felt that today's encounter was rather strange, and had wanted to tell Jun Wu Xie about it, but was brushed away so coldly.

    "Wash up before you come see me." Jun Wu Xie blurted indifferently and disappeared from his sight.

    "........." Mo Qian Yuan felt so small.....

    He had stepped out happily this morning for his daily appearance to the people, and ended up with his face splattered with gore. He just stepped into the Lin Palace and without a single word of concern, he was slapped with "scram", and then avoided..... He must be the saddest Crown Prince ever..... !

    He washed himself thoroughly, Mo Qian Yuan was disgusted. After a good scrubbing, he decided he was smelling better and proceeded to Jun Wu Xie's courtyard. She was sitting by the lotus pond, an old book in hand, reading intently.

    Hearing Mo Qian Yuan's footsteps, Jun Wu Xie looked up.


    "Stay away from me." Jun Wu Xie threw a cold glance at Mo Qian Yuan, detecting a trace of the smell of blood on him.

    "............." Mo Qian Yuan's heart shattered, as he saw the look of disdain in her eye. He sniffed himself, took a few steps back, judged it to be a suitable distance away, then he was finally allowed to finish his sentence. "I met with a strange encounter today."

    "Speak." Jun Wu Xie lowered her head over her book, while listening to Mo Qian Fei. She somehow felt her red level spirit was growing a little too fast, within two months, she felt like she could touch the door to bringing her spirit to level orange. It was a little too fast and it pays to be careful.

    "Today started normal. I was touring the streets till I got to Hua Yun Street, a lunatic suddenly lunged into the crowd. His body was unusually bloated and not long after, he exploded." Mo Qian Yuan related to her.

    Jun Wu Xie jerked up and looked at Mo Qian Yuan. "Did you say he exploded?"

    Spontaneous explosion, that was what happened to Lin Yue Yang!

    "It was slightly different from Official Lin's incident. I was standing right beside him. When he exploded, I was covered all over in.....cough, but I didn't feel anything else, and I did not lose my strength." Mo Qian Yuan knew Jun Wu Xie's suspicion, he found it fishy as well. But in the case of Lin Yue Yang's explosion, its effects on the surrounding people as Jun Xian mentioned, was different with the one he encountered today.

    Jun Wu Xie knitted her brows, "Come."
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