Chapter 151: “Know Your Place (2)”

    Chapter 151: "Know Your Place (2)"

    The series of bodily explosions greatly affected the people of the Imperial City. Although with many of the Rui Lin Army soldiers' reassurance, the people were somewhat appeased, for those who witnessed the explosion first hand, it was a gory sight that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

    Many of the eye witnesses took ill from the shock from the frightful sight that very afternoon. They came down with high fevers, and their spiritual powers seemed to churn and boil within their bodies, which brought about great agony. All physicians within the city were sought out, but none could identify the cause.

    Burning up with the fever, many were soon bedridden, not knowing that they had been poisoned.

    The effects of the poison surfaced later in persons with higher spiritual powers as when the poison amplified the spiritual powers, these people had a higher capacity to contain those powers. On the other hand, very few of the common people even achieved the basic red level of their spirits, and their bodies were not able to contain much amplification.

    In the Lin Palace, carts and carts of herbs arrived endlessly. With the Imperial City under the control of the Rui Lin Army, the proprietors of the herbs stores and medical halls had no choice but to comply with their request, especially when fully armoured soldiers were standing in front of their doors, as they hurriedly emptied their warehouses.

    And it was not as if they were giving it away for nothing, the Rui Lin Army soldiers had told them the herbs were requested by the Crown Prince and the corresponding payment will be sent to them in a few days.

    That had the owners and proprietors do it a little more willingly.

    Jun Wu Xie's courtyard was stacked wall to wall full of herbs and the rapidly arriving herbs were carted to the courtyard that Mo Qian Yuan occupied as storage.

    Jun Wu Xie had been cooped up in the dispensary all morning till midday, carrying out endless tests and analysis on the poison that afflicted the ten Rui Lin Army guards. From the small cup of blood that she drew from the soldiers, Jun Wu Xie finally made a breakthrough.

    Night crept up, and the bright moon peeked out from behind the dark cover of clouds and its light bathed the land in a soft glow.

    Jun Wu Xie had finally concocted the antidote and had the soldiers drink it before she checked their pulse. Their pulse had become stable and their spiritual powers no longer thrashed and churned, recovering to its usual calm.

    "You are dismissed. And get me Long Qi."

    They saluted Jun Wu Xie and left immediately. Long Qi came in a moment later.

    Jun Wu Xie had had a hectic day, and her legs were sore. She sat on a chair massaging her knees.

    Long Qi walked up to her silently, poured a cup of warm water and offered it to her, head lowered.

    Young Miss had always been quiet and did not speak much, her face a perpetual cold mask, generally rather unapproachable. But if she was willing to help, she completes the task beautifully. Long Qi had seen the soldiers before coming here. From their complexion and countenance, he saw that they have indeed recovered and Jun Wu Xie had successfully concocted the antidote.

    He had been a military man all his life, and there was not much he can do for his Young Miss. He can only express his eternal gratitude, in his own clumsy way.

    Jun Wu Xie did not act aloof but simply gulped down the water. Her dry throat was moisturized by the warm water and she lost a little of the fatigue.

    "I had been useless, I made no headway in finding out the identities of the exploding bodies." Long Qi hung his head in shame as he had failed to conclude anything with the investigation into the fifty cases of exploding bodies that Jun Wu Xie had tasked him with.

    Jun Wu Xie was not surprised. "They exploded, normal." Even the bones were shattered, unless they used equipment and technology from her past life, no one would be able to come up with anything.
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