Chapter 153: “Know Your Place (4)”

    Chapter 153: "Know Your Place (4)"

    Jun Qing was startled, Jun Wu Xie intends to divert the people's anger towards the powers that be?

    "How can you be sure, those fifty dead were from the Imperial Palace?" Jun Wu Xie was right, under normal circumstances, the families of people working in public service would not get involved. But with the poison affecting the whole Imperial City, they will be worried about family members who stay within the Imperial Palace walls and inquire into their safety.

    Moreover, it was made clear by Long Qi and his men, that the antidote was distributed only to the people, and not to the Imperial Palace.

    The families of public servants have since carried the antidotes to the Imperial Palace, to ensure they are safe.

    In this aspect, Jun Wu Xie had not needed to lift a finger to have news brought to her but the people will do it on their own accord.

    "To carry out such an insidious deed, would they dare use the common people?" Jun Wu Xie pointed out matter of factly. A deed that dragged in the whole city's people, even as the Emperor, he will be dethroned by the angry populace. With the stakes, they will not risk it.

    If it wasn't palace maids or eunuchs, it had to come from the Imperial army guards, the Yu Lin Army, and Jun Wu Xie was certain of this.

    "But if this was found out....." Jun Qing dared not imagine the repercussions if the people found out, that the initial fifty carriers of the poison, had come from the Imperial Palace.

    "You would use the anger of the people, against the Emperor?" Jun Qing asked.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "In matters of revenge, I like to do it myself."

    If done with the hand of others, it would never be as satisfying.....

    And, with a raging mob, against the might of the Emperor, it loses much of the impact.

    A shiver ran through Jun Qing as he looked upon Jun Wu Xie. He did not know exactly what Jun Wu Xie had up her sleeve, but he was crystal clear on one thing. Whoever her target was this time, that person was already a dead man walking!

    "You said the poison was the doing of Bai Yun Xian? Wu Xie, there is much about the Qing Yun Clan that you might not know, I would like to point out that, if your target is the Emperor, you can achieve it with legitimacy and glory under Mo Qian Yuan's banner as the Crown Prince. But if your target is Bai Yun Xian, you would have to very cautious as she has Qing Yun Clan behind her. Killing her alone would not pose much difficulty, but having to deal with Qing Yun Clan after that will be very tough." Jun Qing cautioned. After Jun Wu Xie told him that both the poison that afflicted Lin Yue Yang and the one that killed the fifty men this time round were from Bai Yun Xian, he knew, Jun Wu Xie would never spare her.

    Jun Wu Xie knitted her brows in thought. She did not know much about Qing Yun Clan, only through bits and pieces heard from people around her that they built their might throughout the lands with their knowledge on medicine. Qing Yun Clan's medical prowess was acknowledged and revered by many kingdoms and various mighty powers, few went against them, not in fear of their might, but in fear of loss of access to their medical know how.

    Everyone fears death, and everyone hopes to receive the helping hand of Qing Yun Clan at these critical times.

    This reliance, did not seem like much. But if and when Qing Yun Clan sound a clarion call for borrowed might, what will be scary to their enemies, will be the thunderous throng of answers from all who were indebted to Qing Yun Clan, and from those who seek their expertise.

    Besides the various kingdoms, nomad forces in the outerlands were not to be underestimated, and not forgetting the power of revered reclusive hermits.

    These were some of the forces and might, at the disposal of the Qing Yun Clan.

    If the Qing Yun Clan were to raise its hand against the Jun Family, it would be the toughest battle they had faced, amplified a hundred times!

    The might of many armies and various forces closing in from all sides, would not be stoppable by a single army of a mere several hundred thousand!
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