Chapter 154: “The Show Begins (1)”

    Chapter 154: "The Show Begins (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed, thinking that to avoid facing that scenario, there were only two choices. The first one was to give up on the revenge on Bai Yun Xian, and the second was to not let Qing Yun Clan know the truth of the matter.

    Spare Bai Yun Xian?

    That was impossible for Jun Wu Xie.

    Anyone who hurts her grandfather, must die!

    "Uncle, don't worry, I have my plans all thought out." Jun Wu Xie had thought the whole thing through.

    Jun Qing stared at Jun Wu Xie, hoping to get some clue from her expressions on what she was planning, but the cold expressionless face betrayed nothing.

    This girl was too deep, if she refuses to say anything, nobody can guess what she is up to.

    "Just be careful, but do remember, if you come into any danger, the Jun Family and the Rui Lin Army will stand behind you!"

    "Yes, I know."

    And soon, the answer she was waiting for came, from the commoners in the Imperial City.

    It was the middle of night, about twenty over families were kneeling in front of the Lin Palace with torches in their hands, crying and sobbing.

    Long Qi went up to them and found out that all those families were the families members of soldiers in the Yu Lin Army. When they heard that the poison spread throughout the whole city this afternoon, they got the antidote from the Rui Lin Army. The various families gathered together to deliver the antidote to the Yu Lin Army camp.

    Many other families managed to hand the antidote to their family members, but they did not even get to see their family member. They panicked and kicked up a fuss at the gates of the encampment, and were driven away. They were worried after hearing about the potency of the poison and have come here to the Lin Palace, to implore that the Crown Prince help.

    When Long Qi presented the families to Mo Qian Yuan, Jun Wu Xie who had received the news was already seated at the side, looking at the sobbing and crying group and she shot Mo Qian Yuan a meaningful glance.

    For the initial fifty men who died, all investigations into their identities had yielded no results. And now, the Yu Lin Army suddenly has at least over twenty soldiers missing. Seems to be too much of a coincidence.

    Jun Wu Xie had her own conclusions validated and she sat back unmoved at the scene in front of her.

    Mo Qian Yuan caught the hint from Jun Wu Xie and expressed deep concern for the families present, and thumped his chest that he would address their concerns. With that, he immediately led a group of Rui Lin Army soldiers, and went banging on the doors of the Yu Lin Army.

    Having tasted the mettle of the Rui Lin Army soldiers' prowess in battle, the cowered Yu Lin Army practically invited the group through their gates.

    Mo Qian Yuan brought the sobbing families into the encampment, and sat down with his legs propped up and forcibly demanded the Yu Lin Army commander to hand over the army name list.

    A detailed check through the list showed that in the past few days, the Yu Lin Army suddenly had fifty soldiers missing for no reason. The commander had been red in the face, as he did not know nor could he explain the whereabouts of the fifty soldiers.

    At that moment, the families of the missing Yu Lin Army soldiers created a big ruckus.

    It was too much of a coincidence! We just had fifty bodies that exploded in the city, and at the same time, the Yu Lin Army has fifty soldiers missing!?

    Before daybreak, the news had reached the ears of everyone in the city!

    They all knew, deep down inside, the fifty bodies that exploded, were the missing fifty Yu Lin Army soldiers!

    The poison was released by the Yu Lin Army?

    The whole city was abuzz with rumours and theories. The Yu Lin Army were too afraid to step out and hid within their encampment.

    At the same time in the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie was arranging the lotus that was put in the Jade Dew Nectar when Mo Qian Yuan banged the door open, the expression on his face both excited and joyous.

    "Success, we did it!"
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