Chapter 173: “To Tease (2)”

    Chapter 173: "To Tease  (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie had in both her past and present lives, been a cold and unfeeling person. The number of people she cared for in her heart, could be counted off with one hand.

    These people were comrades with whom went through life and death with her, and her blood related family who truly genuinely cared for her.

    But for Jun Wu Yao, she did not know where to place him.

    He was not a comrade to her, and neither are they blood related.

    But he had always appeared in her time of need, and disappear without a trace after. He cannot be found, but it seemed he was everywhere as well.


    Doesn't seem like it.

    "If you don't detest me, that means you like me?" Cheekiness flashed in Jun Wu Yao's eyes as he raised Jun Wu Xie's hand and kissed her fingertips.

    "I'm so happy to know my little angel actually likes me!"

    "Not true." How do you like someone? She did not know. But she knew, the feeling Jun Wu Yao gave her was different from her comrades and her family.

    The only likes she knew, were limited to these two varieties. Since it differed from them, that means she didn't like him.

    "Huh? That means you still detest me?" His tone was downcast, and saddening to hear.

    Jun Wu Xie was speechless, didn't she just tell him she did not detest him?

    "No." Her headache was growing.

    "'No' means you like me?"

    "........" She was at a loss for words, might as well just ignore his incessant questions.

    Sensing Jun Wu Xie's frustration, Jun Wu Yao was further amused.

    It does not matter if she doesn't know, she will slowly learn.

    "Silence means consent, you know?" Jun Wu Xie teased mercilessly as he carried Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie did not reply, and was thinking of a way to drive Jun Wu Yao away when she suddenly felt a warm and wet touch on her face.

    Jun Wu Yao had planted a kiss on her cheek, and looking at her face of astonishment, he beamed smilingly at her, with a playful look in his eyes and said: "That's good! I like you too!"


    Jun Wu Xie's heart skipped a beat.

    Her eyes widened at the proximity of the handsome face, and found herself enthralled by the good looks.

    She should pierce her silver needles into her artery, to get him away from her.

    But she is indebted to him, and she couldn't return the favour by harming him.

    In turmoil, she bit down on her lip and turned her face away from him.

    Seeing the beauty in his arms flustered and loving every moment of it, Jun Wu Yao was not about to let her off. He put his hand to her chin and turned her head to face him. His smile widened when he saw her brow furrowed in confusion.

    "Alright, it's time to collect my reward in thanks for today."

    "What?" Jun Wu Xie asked in surprise. Before she could react, Jun Wu Yao had leaned over, with one hand around her waist and one hand holding the back of her head, he kissed her fully on the lips.


    Jun Wu Xie was shocked and she moved instinctively. She pulled out her needles and stabbed Jun Wu Yao on the temple.

    Blood flowed down the needles and down his face, and some dripped on her cheek. The smell of blood seemed to excite Jun Wu Yao and his kiss grew more passionate, eager to savour the sweetness he tasted.
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