Chapter 325: “Storm Clouds Loom (1)”

    Chapter 325: "Storm Clouds Loom (1)"

    Without any signs of guilt or fear, "Ke Cang Ju" brought his disciples and appeared before the main hall.

    One glance at them was all it took to make the other Elders almost jump up in anger. If it was not for Qin Yue's presence, they might have all charged at Ke Cang Ju and skinned him alive.

    "Elder Ke, there is something we need to discuss today. Dismiss your disciples from here." Qin Yue said, after clearing his throat. He thought that Ke Cang Ju was getting more and more overboard with his actions. Why would he bring disciples to a meeting between the Sovereign and the Elders?

    "Ke Cang Ju" replied offhandedly: "There is nothing they cannot hear, and since the Sovereign asked for my presence, here I am. As to whether I bring my disciples, that should not bother our Sovereign."

    With his arrogant reply, the faces of the other Elders turned a shade of purple and even Qin Yue was visibly angered.

    "Ke Cang Ju" had brushed off Qin Yue's command before everyone and his tone had been highly arrogant, showing total disregard for Qin Yue's position and authority.

    Qin Yue's face grew dark and if not for the evidence of wrongdoing held in "Ke Cang Ju's" hands, Qin Yue would have exploded there and then.

    Qin Yue was forced to hold his anger down and proceed as though nothing is wrong.

    "Elder Ke, do you know why I have summoned you here today?" Qin Yue made an effort to speak in an even tone.

    "I know." Hua Yao replied as he waved his hand dismissively and brought Jun Xie and Qiao Chu in while he sat down on a seat on one side, ignoring the fiery stares that the other Elders were throwing at him.

    "If you know what this is all about, should you not give an answer to the accusations thrown at you today?" Qin Yue asked carefully. The chaos that rocked the Qin Yun Clan recently reached a level never seen before. Not only the Elders, but even the disciples of the Inner House were fearful and anxious. Qin Yue had not expected things to reach such a level of unease and if he had known, he would not have agreed to Ke Cang Ju request.

    But it was too late to renege.

    "Answer? What answer?" Hua Yao asked frowning. His stance defiant and conceited.

    The corner of Qin Yue's mouth twitched, and the faces of the other Elders were angry and filled with hatred.

    Cai Zhuo could not hold back and said: "Ke Cang Ju, as the saying goes, our actions must never go past the line, and when we meet we'll still get along fine! But you killed the disciples taken from our various peaks, you will not leave without giving us a satisfactory reply today!"

    Hua Yao stared at the aggressive Cai Zhuo and smirked. He raised his hand and pointed at Jun Xie who was sitting beside him and said to the rest: "You need me to answer for such a small matter? My disciple here will let you know what I have to say about it." He laid back onto the chair after that, seemingly refusing to say anymore.

    That infuriated the other Elders!

    They came here to settle scores with "Ke Cang Ju", but he simply pushed his disciple to the front to answer for him. What did that mean? His disinterest and nonchalant attitude was the absolute worst!

    Pushing a mere disciple forward to speak to the various Elders? What a joke! That was just pure disrespect! How could a lowly disciple answer or even discuss on an even level with the Elders!?

    Jun Wu Xie was pushed into the limelight as she sat within the main hall, facing the unfriendly stares from all directions. She was nevertheless decidedly calm and her clear cold voice rang out within the hall.

    "The various Elders want an answer, and an answer is what I would give. Elder Ke had acted under orders and every action he took was approved by the Sovereign. Moreover, Elder Ke's actions were not for his own benefit, but was for the revenge of the Eldest Miss and Elder Jiang." Jun Wu Xie said slowly.

    Qin Yue who sat grandly behind the seat of power grew more and more shocked as Jun Wu Xie spoke. His eyes stared in disbelief at the small figure who was seated beside "Ke Cang Ju", who had spoken with a straight face, frankly and clearly.

    That kid! Did he know what he was saying!?
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