Chapter 333: “Sixth Slap (5)”

    Chapter 333: "Sixth Slap (5)"

    It was the very same person who had devoted his whole life to the betterment of the Qing Yun Clan that had actually been in cahoots with outsiders to bring total annihilation to the mighty Qing Yun Clan!

    That was just unbelievable to the Sovereign and other Elders!

    In reply to Qin Yue's desperate shouts, Mu Chen merely turned slowly to face him, and his voice sounded almost disgusted when he said softly: "This place is no longer the same Qing Yun Clan I knew and treasured, if the Qing Yun Clan is to exist in its current state, I would much rather choose for it to completely cease to exist altogether."

    The clan's past sacrimonious sanctity had been viciously tarred and blemished by the rot and filth that had taken root and had been prevalent in many recent years, it should just be exterminated altogether!

    Qin Yue stared at Mu Chen in unbridled rage. He could not fathom and pinpoint exactly when Mu Chen had started his alliance with the three youths. Mu Chen had been badly poisoned all this while, so how had he joined up with them?

    The series of questions swirled in Qin Yue's mind confusingly and soon, the answer came to him suddenly.

    When Mu Chen had been bedridden with poison, it had only been a ploy to gain the sympathy of the other Elders! Mu Chen did not speak much, but every single word stoked the fire burning within Qin Yue!

    "Did you think that if you kill me and the Elders here, you would be able to still walk out of the Qing Yun Clan alive!? Let me tell you, stop dreaming! The multitude of disciples within the twelve peaks would not allow you to leave unscathed! The Cloudy Peaks will be your final resting place!" In his rage and fear, Qin Yue screamed out in frustration and gave vent, trying to hide the fear within him.

    Jun Wu Xie laughed, a series of melodious laughter poured out from Jun Wu Xie, sounding clearly within the hall. She shook her head wearily at Qin Yue's empty threats as Qin Yue stood unmoving, his face showing a deathly pallor.

    "Impossible! You will not succeed here today!" Qin Yue struggled to maintain his composure, but a nagging voice seemed to be telling him that the youth before him was entirely capable of what he claimed."

    Jun Wu Xie smiled as she produced a waxed pill in her hand.

    "This pill here contains poison mist. Within an hour, when the sun reaches its peak, the heat will melt the coating of wax and the poison mist will spread. The slightest touch or inhalation will immediately claim the life of a person."

    Jun Wu Xie showed the poison pill before Qin Yue and the other Elders, and her smile grew more radiant. She had developed this poison mist by improving on the effects of Ke Cang Ju's Lone Smoke. It was formless and was impossible to escape from, and only very highly skilled expert exponents beyond the indigo leveled spirit user would be able to suppress its lethal effects and hope to survive.

    "Many of these pills have been placed throughout eleven of the peaks within the Qing Yun Clan. It will send all your beloved disciples on a straight route to hell." Jun Wu Xie beamed as she said it, and her eyes flashed with murder.

    "When..... did you plan all this....." Qin Yue stared, eyes wide with fear, and he started shaking violently.

    If everything she said was not a bluff..... The mighty Qing Yun Clan with its numerous disciples..... would be finished.....!

    Jun Wu Xie replied nonchalantly: "After you agreed to allow Ke Cang Ju pick disciples from the various peaks."

    Qin Yue drew in a deep breath and his slumped in defeat!

    All the various peaks had their own guards preventing unauthorised entry from outsiders. In order for those three youths to enter and plant the poison pills within the peaks, was supposed to be impossible to achieve undetected. But with the Sovereign's own seal of approval and orders, it was made to become an easy task for them!

    It finally dawned on Qin Yue at that moment. What the petite youth wanted was not to incite the various Elders against the Sovereign. What she wanted to achieve beneath it all, was to have the selection of the disciples of the various peaks to take up all of the Elders' attention, allowing them free rein to plant those seeds within the various peaks unnoticed, to complete their plot to obliterate the whole Qing Yun Clan!
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