337 Sixth Slap 9

    Qin Yue's bloodshot eyes were staring unwavering at Jun Wu Xie, filled with hatred and pain. No one could imagine the agony he was feeling. He could not move and the intense pain tore through his body unendingly almost driving him insane.

    He would never have guessed that such inhumane torment could possibly be inflicted on the human body.

    It felt like millions of ants were gnawing on his bones, bit by bit, little by little, and his flesh disintegrated together with the bones. At that moment, Qin Yue's only wish was for death to claim him quickly!

    The pain felt under the torture by the double headed bone snake was in no way comparable to the unimaginable agony he was feeling at that moment!

    He had felt faint several times through his ordeal, but the silver needles stuck in him kept him conscious and did not allow him any reprieve.

    Although only the briefest of moments had passed, it already felt like a long year to Qin Yue. Forced to remain conscious, the heart rending pain made him yearn fervently for death, but death's door was closed to him.

    Qin Yue's will crumbled to dust in but that brief passing moment, and blood stained his mouth. His howls did not end and he finally loosened his lips.

    "Beneath the stone behind my chair in my study!"

    Let death come!

    Come quickly!

    The torment was too much too take, and he couldn't bear it a moment more!


    Really really sorry!

    If he knew this day was to come, he would not have usurped the seat of the Sovereign! He would have been content to remain a lowly disciple and not put through this torture!

    Jun Wu Xie turned and looked at Hua Yao. Hua Yao froze in shock a moment before he clasped his hand over a fist to thank Jun Wu Xie, and left immediately with Qiao Chu towards Qin Yue's study, to retrieve the item.

    In the main hall, Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze over the cowering pale faced Elders, who were all staring wide eyed at Qin Yue who was screaming for his own death. She then turned to Mu Chen with a smile.

    "You want to do it yourself?"

    Mu Chen narrowed his eyes, filled with malice. He looked at the violently shaking Qin Yue lying on the ground, without feeling an ounce of pity.

    Qin Yue might look extremely pitiful at that moment, but all that pity was completely overshadowed by hate!

    He would never forget the time when his parents had died from the poison before Qin Yue. He remembered vividly Qin Yue face then, the face hideous with malice and triumph. He remembered the late Elders who had been loyal to the previous Sovereign, mercilessly murdered by Qin Yue, one by one.

    Qin Yue did not deserve to live!

    But his death must not come so easily!

    His lone life, could not atone for his lifetime of sins!

    Qin Yue had ruined his life, and Qin Yue had brought the Qing Yun Clan into ruin!

    "No, I want him to live till the last moment, and suffer the agony." Mu Chen said through gritted teeth, his hatred flaring brightly in his eyes.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say anything more and turned away from Qin Yue. She left Mu Chen alone, to savour his revenge slowly, and not steal from him any of the sweetness.

    Qin Yue had thought that if he revealed the location of the map, he would be relieved from the torment. But Mu Chen's reply drove him into feel utter despair. The once greatly revered Sovereign of the mightiest clan throughout the lands, was now reduced to a trembling heap on the floor, his body writhing in agony.

    His eyes pleaded for a quick death.

    But, till his own time was up, his burning wish would not be granted.

    A gong sounded, announcing the arrival of noon, and the sun was at its zenith. The blazing heat beat down, and clouds of poison mist suddenly permeated eleven of the Cloudy Peaks. The Inner House disciples of the various peaks were not aware of the approaching doom and were feasting on food, and boasting of their nefarious crimes with pride.

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes, and removed the needles that had kept Qin Yue alive all this while in one smooth sweep!

    Without the needles, Qin Yue's eyes suddenly bulged, and his body gave one big jerk, and he finally breathed his last!
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