Chapter 347: “Fight to Live (3)”

    Chapter 347: "Fight to Live (3)"

    In the blink of an eye, with the exception of Drunk Lotus, everyone else was blown away from that explosive release of spiritual power!

    "You pipsqueaks do not possess enough power to kill me." The white robed man laughed coldly and his eyes burned with rage. His palm burst through Drunk Lotus' abdomen with a single strike and Drunk Lotus' face contorted in agony. Spiritual energy burst through Drunk Lotus' body and in the next moment, Drunk Lotus' body slumped and remained motionless. The blue flames that  covered Drunk Lotus dissipated and his body started to slowly disperse into a golden glittering light, morphing into a badly ravaged Snow Lotus in the hand of the white robed man.

    Throwing the withering Snow Lotus on Jun Wu Xie's body, the white robed man sneered: "I will put all of you through unimaginable agony."

    Jun Wu Xie lay on the ground, unable to move a muscle and stared weakly at the Snow Lotus that had rolled to rest against her cheek. A flower that should have been flawlessly white, that radiated with unblemished beauty, now lay withering sadly, and had lost half of its pale petals, looking like it would perish at any time.

    "You're still at it?" Another chill voice rang, and the grey robed man appeared before the eyes of the people gathered near the foot of the mountain, his steps hindered by a badly bloodied and unconscious Ye Sha, who was being dragged behind in the grip of the grey robed man.

    "Just limbering up a little, I'll finish it right now." The white robed man replied.

    The grey robed man only shot him a look of impatience but did not say anything.

    All of a sudden, the unconscious Ye Sha sprang into action!

    He broke free of the grey robed man's grip and gathered his life's blood and concentrated them onto his palm. A bright red ray formed and sped right at the white robed man, piercing him straight through the chest!

    Ye Sha expended every last bit of his powers and released a humongous black snake. The black snake slithered away speedily as it coiled everyone lying on the ground into its tail!

    "Miss! Allow me to deliver all of you away from here!"

    As soon as the last of his words left him, his body blew up in a mighty explosion! The powerful blast completely engulfed the grey robed man who was standing closest to him and dealt him a devastating blow!

    In the same moment.....

    The Cloudy Peaks rocked!

    The black snake held Jun Wu Xie and the others in its tail and took them off the mountains!

    Wild winds suddenly roared, wrecking havoc. The black mist that permeated covered the whole mountain path and it was specked with red, the blood of Ye Sha's, his ultimate sacrifice by blowing himself up.

    Jun Wu Xie was coiled within the black snake's tail, the withering Snow Lotus in her arms. Her cold eyes staring fixedly on the explosion of blood mist.

    Till the moment that Ye Sha had detonated himself to save her, she had not even found out his name. Who was he.....

    Unable to remain conscious any longer from the heavy trauma to her soul, Jun Wu Xie succumbed and fell into a deep sleep.


    She did not know how long she slept, and Jun Wu Xie woke up from her deep slumber in shock.

    That blood mist had left a deep impression in her mind and it was as though she was back at the place where she almost died.

    "You're awake!" A soft and tender voice suddenly sounded by Jun Wu Xie's ear. Jun Wu Xie turned her head and saw a pleasant and pretty young girl sitting by her bedside, her eyes like limpid pools, smiling happily at her.

    Jun Wu Xie frowned slightly, but she did not sense any danger from the young girl. She lowered her eyes and found a tiny form sleeping beside her, a familiar sight.

    The little black cat was soundly asleep, its body covered in layers of bandages. The tiny body was curled up tightly in a ball, leaning against the side of Jun Wu Xie's pillow.

    "Master had wanted to bring it out for treatment but it had refused to leave your side. Rest assured though, Master has already steadied its tattered soul and it would recover after a period of treatment and rest." The adorable young girl noticed Jun Wu Xie's line of sight, and smiled warmly.
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