Chapter 355: “I’m Here Now (4)”

    Chapter 355: "I'm Here Now (4)"

    The reborn Ye Sha had no memories of the past, and only knew one thing. Absolute loyalty to Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao commanded Ye Sha to continue his protection of Jun Wu Xie in secret.

    "You know where those people who attacked me were from?" Jun Wu Xie stared at Jun Wu Yao inquiringly, as she had always felt that he knew everything.

    Jun Wu Yao's face turned chilly. "Middle Realm, Palace of Flame Demons."

    "Middle Realm?" Jun Wu Xie queried further. She had heard the term "Lower Realm" many times, and now Jun Wu Yao was saying there is a "Middle Realm". What did all this different realms mean?

    Jun Wu Yao noticed Jun Wu Xie's puzzled look of confusion and patiently explained: "Under these Heavens, there are a total of three realms. The different realms are divided by their powers into the Higher Realm, Middle Realm, and the Lower Realm. The Lower Realm is where my little darling is from, and the people who attacked you are from the Middle Realm. Do you still remember when I mentioned Spirit Devour?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "The Spirit Devour technique is not known to the people of the Lower Realm as it was discovered only by the people in the Middle Realm. To enhance the powers of their own ring spirits, they pursued all kind of ways eyeing the ring spirits of others. Devouring different kinds of spirits brought different kinds of effects and influences. And among all the ring spirits, the most highly sought were the revered plant ring spirits." Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes as those thoughts went through his head. They dared set their eyes on his little darling..... They did not have enough lives to pay for this debt....

    "Plant ring spirits possess extremely strong self healing powers and if devoured, they speed up the pace of development in their growth, hence plant ring spirits become the most prized target. Alas, the existence of plant ring spirits were also extremely rare and they were no signs to show that they had awoken. People have lived their whole lives without even being aware that their plant ring spirits awoke."

    Under the relentless persecution of all plant ring spirits from the Twelve Palaces, those people who were ignorant about the plant ring spirit's awakening and were able to live out their lives in peace were fortunate in a twisted sort of reasoning.

    "The Palace of Flame Demons are aware of your plant ring spirit now that you've escaped from them, and they will send great numbers of their people down to the Lower Realm to search." Jun Wu Yao's eyes were almost glowing like lit embers with a wicked smile on his lips. The lure of a plant ring spirit was too irresistible and they would pay any price to locate Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao and realised that everything Jun Wu Yao was saying coincided with those two strange and extremely powerful men's persistence in killing her in the Cloudy Peaks.

    If Ye Sha had not intervened and sacrificed himself to save her, she would have lost her life in those mountains.

    "Their powers are beyond a purple leveled spirit."

    Jun Wu Yao continued on: "The purple level spirit is only the peak for the people of the Lower Realm."

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes were cold. The fact that she was targeted by such people was bad news to her.

    If they were pour all their efforts into the search for her, it was highly likely that she would be found. She did not have much time left, and she needed to raise her powers quickly.

    What happened that day, must never be repeated!

    "If the Palace of Flame Demons were to cease to exist, then no one would ever know that a plant ring spirit exists in the Lower Realm." Jun Wu Xie raised her head to say. She wiped out the Qing Yun Clan, she would do the same with the Palace of Flame Demons!

    If plant ring spirits were so precious and rare, the two men from the Palace of Flame Demons would not reveal to the other palaces that a plant ring spirit existed in the Lower Realm. If the Palace of Flame Demons was annihilated, she would then be safe.

    Jun Wu Yao laughed out loud after hearing Jun Wu Xie.

    Annihilate the Palace of Flame Demons? His little darling had a rather big appetite for destruction.

    "To annihilate the Palace of Flame Demons, the first thing you must do is to breakthrough to the purple spirit. Anyone in the Lower Realm has to breakthrough their spirit powers to the purple level before they can enter the Middle Realm."

    "Purple spirit?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyes narrowed. Her vengeance against the Palace of Flame Demons would be exacted sooner or later!
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