Chapter 370: “Do you want more? (2)”

    Chapter 370: "Do you want more? (2)"

    Yan Bu Gui's eyes almost popped out of his head. He was shocked beyond words at the amount  of money Jun Xie had pushed into his arms. His eyes swept past those bank notes and he counted and estimated the amount in his head. There was at least a million taels in his hands.....

    As if Jun Xie had dropped hot coals in his arms, Yan Bu Gui hurriedly shoved them back to Jun Xie.

    "I don't need it. You better keep these." As those words came out of his mouth, his heart was nevertheless, dripping with blood.....

    A small petite sized kid was actually carrying such a large amount of money on him!

    Made the burly towering Yan Bu Gui felt so small before Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie kept the money back into her sleeve, oblivious to Yan Bu Gui's crumbling self esteem and deeply conflicted heart.

    When they got back to the East Wing, Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang were waiting anxiously in the courtyard. When they all saw Jun Xie and Yan Bu Gui who had returned so quickly, they rushed up to the pair just coming in through the gate.

    "How did it go? What did the headmaster say?" Qiao Chu asked anxiously.

    Yan Bu Gui sighed heavily and his face was a mask of deep melancholy, making the four hearts of his disciples fall so heavily they almost reached their toes.

    "In future....."

    Qiao Chu and the others looked up at Yan Bu Gui's heavy tone, staring at him with tears brimming in their eyes.

    "That He Qiu Sheng would never come here to seek trouble with us again!" Yan Bu Gui's face suddenly beamed into a wide smile.

    "What?" Qiao Chu and his other three fellow disciples stared in wonder at their Master.

    At that moment, Qiao Chu's eyes widened in alarm as he turned to Jun Wu Xie to ask: "Little Xie! Don't tell me you..... you thrashed up He Qiu Sheng and the headmaster as well!?"

    With Jun Xie's temperament, that must be the case!

    "No." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    "You..... you must not take so hard. If they had done anything to you, Little Yan and me would go abduct him and revenge you without letting Master know." Qiao Chu promised worriedly, without even thinking.

    Yan Bu Gui's huge hand slapped Qiao Chu on the back of his head once more, and he said rolling his eyes at his moron of a disciple: "You must think I'm deaf!"

    Jun Wu Xie was made speechless at Qiao Chu's antics. She could not understand how such a simple matter like this became so complicated in their minds.

    "Alright, alright. Everything's fine now, you kids go keep up with your training, and not just stay here and laze." Yan Bu Gui dispersed the group with his words, a wide smile hidden behind his bushy beard.

    His new little disciple, really exceeded all his expectations!

    Yan Bu Gui was not prepared to explain everything in detail and Jun Wu Xie did not seem to want to at all as well. Qiao Chu and the others could only leave begrudgingly to continue with their training, but their minds were still filled with worry. They prepared themselves mentally to face up to He Qiu Sheng and the headmaster and protect their little junior fellow disciple when they next come looking for trouble.

    Jun Wu Xie went back to her room and sat down carrying the little black cat in her arms. She called out softly and Ye Sha appeared suddenly through the door.

    "Miss, what are your orders?" Ye Sha asked, kneeling on one knee.

    Jun Wu Xie took out a wad of bank notes and put them on the table. She whispered a few words to Ye Sha and moments later, Ye Sha kept the money carefully before he disappeared soundlessly.

    Jun Wu Xie remained sitting on the chair and looked down at the sleeping black cat.

    If it was awake, maybe it could have told her how to handle the situation before her now.

    The next morning, Qiao Chu and the others walked out of their rooms with dark rings below their eyes. They had not slept the whole night, having tossed and turned the whole night with worry, but no one had come throughout the night after all. Their curiosity was further piqued by what had happened at the headmaster's and when they saw each other's dark eyes, they all smiled sheepishly at each other.

    "Looks like the headmaster really won't be coming to stir up trouble after all. But how did Master and Little Xie do it?" Qiao Chu scratched his head in confusion.

    Hua Yao's fair complexion made his darkened eyes look more prominent and he stood shaking his head as well, similarly befuddled.

    "It good that they're not coming, let's not worry about it." Fei Yan stretched lazily, her sweet and pretty face was still tinged with a bit of sleepiness.

    Rong Ruo just pulled at his clothes to tidy them, and did not say anything.
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