391 Enrollment 7

    Very soon, the seniors had quickly almost finished choosing the juniors they were to mentor and in the end, the only one left was the youngest Jun Wu Xie.

    One of the senior disciples had not been fast enough to snatch up any of the older new disciples and he was now looking at Jun Wu Xie's skinny little frame from head to toe in disdain, seemingly very unwilling to pick Jun Wu Xie.

    "You're already fourteen?" The senior disciple moved to stand before Jun Wu Xie, his face exasperated.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly, oblivious to the senior's resentment.

    "Which category is your ring spirit?" The senior then proceeded to ask.

    "Beast category."

    "Sheesh." He cursed softly and turned to the youth who had led the new disciples in and said: "My ring spirit belongs to the weapons category, so I cannot mentor this kid."

    The youth who had led the new disciples frowned with displeasure. Usually, the new disciples were paired with a senior mentor who shared the same category for their ring spirits as the methods of training differed across different categories. Even if the seniors were to accept the ward, the mentor would not be able to provide any guidance in the training of their spiritual powers.

    The other new disciples who had all been paired up smiled in glee at Jun Wu Xie's predicament of being left out in the cold.

    Their feelings of envy and jealousy had quickly turned into mockery.

    So what if the little kid had gained Gu Li Sheng's attention? He had ended scorned by all the seniors.

    The youths started sniggering softly to themselves.

    Faced with the mockery from the new disciples and scorn from the seniors, Jun Wu Xie was not affected in the least and she only watched all this with a cold stare, without a ripple showing in her eyes.

    "Beast category? That happens to be the same category as mine." Suddenly a cheerful voice sounded within the huge hall and a tall, impressive and attractive youth stepped in with the morning light behind him. A smile like a clean spring breeze graced his face that made him instantly likable to people.

    "Senior Fan! What are you doing here?" The senior disciple who was still trying to come up with a reason to reject Jun Wu Xie suddenly froze when he saw the tall figure enter.

    Fan Jin laughed lightly and amicably patted the senior disciple's shoulder and said: "I heard that you were all here to welcome our new fellow disciples into the Zephyr Academy and I thought I had to come see them too."

    Upon saying that, Fan Jin's gaze fell onto Jun Wu Xie, who was standing alone on one side. His eyes surveyed Jun Wu Xie up and down before everyone and he asked with bright smile: "Has any senior claimed you yet?"

    Jun Wu Xie looked coldly at Fan Jin, but did not reply.

    The little black cat within Jun Wu Xie was raging to jump out at him.....

    [What do you mean by claim!?]

    [My mistress isn't anyone's property!]

    The last remaining senior coughed consciously and said: "Senior Fan, I would love to accept the kid, but..... our ring spirits are from different categories and even if I am to accept him, I would only hamper his progress in training." His prior arrogance and disdain had suddenly disappeared before Fan Jin and appeared to be very concerned for Jun Wu Xie's welfare.

    Fan Jin laughed and waved his hand dismissively to say: "You don't have to worry about that. Since your ring spirits belongs to different categories, leave the kid in my care. It's been some time since I mentored a junior anyway."

    Fan Jin spoke as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, with an amicable smile on his face throughout.

    "What? Senior Fan..... You..... you are going to mentor him?" The senior asked with his eyes wide with shock, thinking he might have heard Fan Jin wrongly.

    "Yes! I think I like the little kid and can mentor him." Fan Jin said with a laugh.
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