Chapter 405: “Spirit Healer (5)”

    Chapter 405: "Spirit Healer (5)"

    Gu Li Sheng beamed widely, the first time he had seen the little kid, he had found the kid to be very interesting. At such an obvious young age, and already broken through to the orange level. But what piqued his interest was that the kid's ring spirit was extremely weak, and that weakness was not inborn, but was rather caused by grave injuries.

    It must be known, to even inflict grave injuries on a ring spirit to such an extent, that itself would be a difficult task.

    He was curious as to what had happened to the kid and decided to bring him into the Spirit Healer faculty. But he had not expected to have brought in such a shocking revelation for himself.

    "Don't agree to it all just yet. I am not finished. Not keeping you within the Spirit Healer faculty is meant to hide the fact that you would be improving on the Spirit Healing technique from anyone. You must realise how tempting and alluring Spirit Healing is to people and if anyone were to know that you are researching on it in secret, it might bring uninvited trouble and put your own life at risk. But if I drive you out of the Spirit Healer faculty and personally request for the Headmaster to allow you to remain within the Zephyr Academy, the fact remains that no matter which other faculty you are transferred to, the treatment you will receive from everyone else, will not be easy to handle." Gu Li Sheng said as he narrowed his eye. Due to the high profile and irregular way Jun Wu Xie was accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty, Jun Xie had inadvertently became an infamous "celebrity" within the Zephyr Academy. If Jun Xie was expelled on the very first day, and shoved into the other faculties, all the hidden envy and jealousy of the other youths would be sure to erupt into an overwhelming wave, and putting Jun Wu Xie in the middle of it.

    "Is that related to the Spirit Healing technique?" Jun Wu Xie asked, looking in all seriousness at Gu Li Sheng.

    Gu Li Sheng did not know how to reply to such a question.

    "I only need to know, what I want to do." Jun Wu Xie said calmly. As to how unrelated people act or say, was not of a concern to her. What mattered was as long as she achieved her aims.

    Gu Li Sheng suddenly laughed out loud. He looked at Jun Wu Xie with tears brought by laughter and said: "You are truly the most interesting little kid I have ever come across."

    The wisdom, the personality..... There won't be another one like this under the skies.

    Who in the world could upon first entering the academy be able to face up to their Teacher and speak so assuredly, and pointing out the inadequacies of the teachings so indifferently, with a face calm like still water throughout.

    Jun Wu Xie did not give any response to that.

    "Since you do not think that that would be any issue for you, I will hereby leave it in your good hands. If at any time you need any help, you can come to me anytime." Gu Li Sheng sighed upon saying that, feeling slightly heavy of heart that he was handing over such a complicated task that would inadvertently bring much ridicule and humiliation to the young boy.

    Jun Wu Xie did not reject Gu Li Sheng's well intentioned offer, but if truth were to be spoken, to Jun Wu Xie, Gu Li Sheng had..... rendered himself of not too much use..... after he gave Jun Wu Xie all those books to read.

    "Cough..... I will be leaving to go speak with the Headmaster, would you want to stay here to have a look around or....." Gu Li Sheng could no longer keep up his image of a graceful teacher before Jun Wu Xie, the kid obviously dominated over him in this meeting.

    "All these books, can I read them?" Jun Wu Xie pointed at Gu Li Sheng's overflowing shelves of books.

    Gu Li Sheng's mouth twitched but nevertheless squeezed out a: "Go ahead."

    Jun Wu Xie proceeded to take out some books from the shelf and flipped through them quickly while Gu Li Sheng made his way over to the Headmaster's to do some hard explaining on his decision to "expel" Jun Xie out of the Spirit Healer faculty.

    Thinking of the fact that he was about to "drive out" such a prodigious disciple with his own hands, Gu Li Sheng's heart was bleeding. But he had to do it as it would shield the boy from uninvited prying noses on the task at hand.

    For such a young boy, even if he were to manage to fully grasp the Spirit Healing technique that even Gu Li Sheng had been unable to, that would only spell disaster and bring undesired attention to him.
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