Chapter 1756: “The Show Begins (4)”

    Chapter 1756: "The Show Begins (4)"

    "Gu Xin Yan! You are Gu Ying's younger sister, do you think anyone will believe your words?" The youths from the Dragon Slayers Palace immediately accused Gu Xin Yan of merely trying to get Gu Ying off the hook.

    Gu Xin Yan then said without the slightest change in her expression: "Whether I am to be believed, is not to be decided by just you and me. When I met with Zhuge Yin yesterday, quite a number of people saw it. They can be witnesses to what I've said."

    The youth from the Dragon Slayers Palace obviously did not believe Gu Xin Yan's explanation but the Pure Grace Palace's Elder went around to ask, and managed to get affirmations from quite a number of people who had indeed seen Gu Xin Yan and Zhuge Yin strolling in the garden.

    With that, things had suddenly become rather strange.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples were insistent that Zhuge Yin had never left his room the whole of yesterday and so it was impossible for him to have gone to meet Gu Xin Yan. And on the other hand, Gu Xin Yan had pulled out a group of witnesses who saw her meet up with Zhuge Yin with their own eyes, which washed off all suspicion from Gu Ying.

    Both sides were unwilling to relent and they very nearly broke into a fight right there in the main palace hall.

    The Pure Grace Palace's Elder was at that moment feeling highly confused. If this incident was irrefutably committed by Gu Ying, then things might be a little easier to deal with. At least the Dragon Slayers Palace would turn their target fully upon the Blood Fiend Palace and Gu Ying, and how they wanted to seek justice against Gu Ying, would be a matter between just the two palaces alone.

    But now, just the point on whether Zhuge Yin had left from his room had already mushroomed with so many different variables, making it impossible for anyone to firmly pin the crime onto Gu Ying.

    If things continued on like that, the ones implicated would not simply be just the Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace, but even their Pure Grace Palace would not be able to wash their hands off from it!

    Afterall, Zhuge Yin was killed in their Pure Grace Palace, and the reason for his death could not even be ascertained. In this situation, the Pure Grace Palace would then naturally incur the wrath of the Dragon Slayers Palace, and the Blood Fiend Palace would surely be displeased that they were implicated in the incident, and blame the Pure Grace Palace for handling the matter badly.

    At that moment, the highly ambiguous situation with two completely contradictory views quickly dragged the three palaces into the muck.

    In the palace hall, the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples and the Blood Fiend Palace's disciples were engaged in a heated argument and Gu Ying stood in the middle of the hall with a cold expression on his face, his heart rising with a chill.

    He understood it now.

    Where the root of the problem lay.

    Watching that chaotic situation before his eyes, Gu Ying finally understood the true intent of Jun Wu!

    That kid not only wanted him to bear the crime of killing Zhuge Yin, but to also incite conflict between the Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace, by creating an unsolvable mystery under all this, and that was whether Zhuge Yin had come out from his room!

    If his guess was not wrong, then Zhuge Yin must have been just as the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Palace had said, where he had not stepped out from the room. And the person who had gone to meet Gu Xin Yan..... had been someone else.

    The motive behind all of this, was to make the death of the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, exist to incite conflict between the three palaces!

    No matter what Gu Xin Yan said, the Dragon Slayers Palace's people were adamant that she was just lying and that Gu Ying had been the killer. But with other conflicting statements and unresolved suspicions still present, the Pure Grace Palace did not dare to make any decision on it but try to smooth things over.

    In this way, the Blood Fiend Palace, the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Pure Grace Palace would be forced into a situation of conflict and unresolved grievances, to fight and hold a grudge among themselves.

    And all of this was because the truth behind Zhuge Yin's death, could not be resolved!

    Compared to merely irrefutably pinning the blame for the death of Zhuge Yin on Gu Ying's head, this was much more vicious!

    "Jun Xie..... I have truly underestimated you, to fall once again in your hands....." Gu Ying said to himself, his eyes narrowed. As things stood, if he still did not fully see the plot Jun Xie had set him up in, he would really be too stupid!

    And in the current situation, even when he had seen through all of Jun Xie's scheme, anything he said would not be believed.....
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