Chapter 1757: “The Show Begins (5)”

    Chapter 1757: "The Show Begins (5)"

    The youths from the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace were engaged in an awful argument before everyone in the main palace hall. The Pure Grace Palace's disciples were beginning to lose control of the situation.

    And the youths from the other palaces who were here to catch the action were hoping that the incident would blow up, the bigger the better.

    With three palaces caught up within, wouldn't it be just benefit the other palaces without needing to lift a finger?

    Jun Wu Xie remained hidden as she admired the fruits from all her labour. It was at this point that she could be certain that Gu Ying could not shake off the crime of having committed murder, and that her plan had succeeded.

    Under all that chaos, a figure came fumbling in a rush to reach the palace hall's doors.

    Zi Jin looked on in shock at the chaotic commotion within the palace hall as she stared at Gu Ying who stood in the middle of the crowd, being cursed and sworn at by youths from the Dragon Slayers Palace, and her heart suddenly wrenched up.

    Just what had happened here?

    On her way here, Zi Jin had already heard the youths from other palaces discussing it, and known everything that had happened. But all of that, was really not as simple as she had initially thought.

    [Zhuge Yin has died.....]

    [Died under mysterious circumstances, and everyone had turned the blame for Zhuge Yin death upon Gu Ying.]

    From the moment she saw the figure of Gu Ying, Zi Jin had immediately felt like someone had sucked every bit of strength in her dry, and her legs had gone uncontrollably limp. Seeing that she was about to fall, she desperately held on to the palace hall's door frame.

    [This must not continue on like this!]

    [Zhuge Yin was not killed by Young Master Gu! She must pull Gu Ying out of his quandary!]

    Zi Jin took a deep breath, and seeked to walk into the palace hall. At that moment, all that she was thinking in her mind was only to save Gu Ying, and besides that, nothing else mattered!

    Even if she had to expose her own identity, she would prove Gu Ying's innocence.

    However, Zi Jin had just placed one foot into the Pure Grace Palace's main palace hall when a powerful hand suddenly clasped over her mouth that stopped her cry of surprise from spilling out. Another powerful arm then quickly curled around her waist to forcefully drag her away from the palace hall's doors.

    Inside the palace hall, it was a noisy clamour and no one even noticed Zi Jin's arrival, nor did they see her being abducted by someone.

    Frantic with panic, Zi Jin's gaze swept over the palace hall.


    She saw Jun Wu standing in a corner.

    Jun Wu was staring straight at her.

    That pair of cold clear eyes shocked her entire being!

    She saw Jun Wu raising up a hand, and pressing his index finger to his lips, to make a shushing gesture.

    Zi Jin's eyes involuntarily widened, staring in disbelief at the completely calm Jun Wu, and a terrifying realization then rose up in her heart!

    [It's him! This was all planned by Jun Wu from the start!]

    Zi Jin refused to believe all of it. But the reality before her eyes forced her to realize that every single action she took had never escaped Jun Wu's notice.

    Jun Wu might have already known about her interaction with Gu Ying right from the beginning, and had even guessed that she would reveal the plan to Gu Ying.....

    Filled with all that fear and highly distraught, Zi Jin was silently brought away from the palace hall.

    Jun Wu Xie then turned her eyes back, to look at the racket in the palace hall, a faint smile rising at the edges of her mouth.

    To fully complete this one hell of a fracas, the most key person in all of this, was not her, but Hua Yao.

    Jun Wu Xie looked in the direction of where the low key Hua Yao was within the crowd. Nobody would have thought that the Zhuge Yin that Gu Xin Yan had met, was in reality Hua Yao in impersonation. And in order to throw off the Pure Grace Palace's investigation, before Hua Yao made his move, Jun Wu Xie had intentionally made Hua Yao get into a big fight with Qiao Chu right before the disciples of their two palaces!
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