Chapter 1758: “Impossibly Stupid (1)”

    Chapter 1758: "Impossibly Stupid (1)"

    After that, Qiao Chu and Hua Yao had then engaged in a seemingly intense battle by borrowing the Pure Grace Palace's arena. Once out of the sight of everyone, Hua Yao had then taken the opportunity to undergo the transformation and slipped away, leaving Qiao Chu alone within the arena to create various sounds of battle, to confuse the youths outside the arena.

    Because the two of them had once gotten into a fight before during the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, it did not arouse any suspicion when the two of them stirred up such a furore.

    And behind all of this, it was all done to enable the plot to progress seamlessly, so that even if the Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace were to investigate into it, they would never find they answer that they seek, because of the irreconcilable situation Jun Wu Xie had set up for all of them, that they would never be able to resolve.

    Jun Wu Xie knew, that with this incident, there wouldn't be any conclusion, and a thorn would be planted deep into the hearts of the three palaces.

    The death of the Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, would definitely not be brushed aside and covered up that easily.

    The chaos of the Twelve Palaces, would begin from this moment on.

    Jun Wu Xie was no longer interested in continuing to watch and she turned herself around silently, to cast a final glance at Gu Ying standing stiffly in the middle of the palace hall.

    This was justice sought on Fan Zhuo's behalf, vengeance for killing one's father where the two cannot coexist under the same sky!

    In the chaotic palace hall, nobody noticed Jun Wu Xie's departure.

    Zi Jin was forcibly brought back to her room by Ye Gu, her mouth covered by Ye Gu's hand the entire way. No matter how hard she struggled, she was unable to break free from Ye Gu's grip.

    After Jun Wu Xie came out from the main palace hall, she came straight to Zi Jin's room. In the room, Zi Jin kicked and beat at Ye Gu incessantly, still trying to break free. Ye Gu's face had already turned a highly ugly shade and to prevent himself from crushing the life out of the girl who was seriously courting death, Ye Gu decided to bind Zi Jin up, and tied a handkerchief over her mouth, where she would not be able to move, not make a single sound.

    Zi Jin lay wretchedly tied to the chair, bound and gagged, her eyes highly reddened. When she saw Jun Wu come walking in, she struggled against her bonds, her mouth making endless muffled cries while the eyes that stared at Jun Wu Xie filled with incredulity.

    Jun Wu Xie slowly walked into the room, closing the door behind her and then went to sit down on a chair by the side. Throughout it all, Zi Jin's bloodshot eyes did not leave that figure from beginning to end at all.

    "Ungh! Ungh!" Zi Jin continued to make unclear noises, her body struggling as she leaned forward. Ye Gu who was standing behind her furrowed his brows slightly and he stretched his hand out seeking to press her back down.

    Jun Wu Xie however suddenly raised a hand, stopping Ye Gu's action where she then said instead: "Untie her."

    Ye Gu was taken aback. Even a fool was able to see that Zi Jin was not showing Jun Wu Xie any friendliness. If she was released at this moment..... Ye Gu was a little hesitant. He subconsciously looked at Jun Wu Yao standing behind Jun Wu Xie and after receiving a slight nod from Jun Wu Yao, Ye Gu then stiffened his lips while he went to undo the restraints upon Zi Jin slightly begrudgingly.

    "Jun Wu! How can you be so despicable!" The moment Zi Jin regained her freedom, she immediately stood up and went leaping towards Jun Wu Xie with a hand raised up, and it was seen to be being thrown straight towards Jun Wu Xie's face.

    But before Zi Jin could even touch Jun Wu Xie in the slightest, a tyrannical force crashed into Zi Jin's abdomen, sending her entire being flying.

    "If you're tired of living, I can grant you your wish." Jun Wu Yao said smilingly as he stood behind Jun Wu Xie, the black mist gathered in his palm swirling, quietly menacing.
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