Chapter 416: “Defamation (8)”

    Chapter 416: "Defamation (8)"

    Yin Yan was not able to achieve his objective and he was feeling rather frustrated. Hearing Li Zi Mu's voice filled with adoration, Yin Yan turned and shot Li Zi Mu a scathing glance.

    Words of justice?

    He had no interest in defending such trash!

    Just at the moment when Yin Yan was about to lash out, a figure drifted gracefully to come stand beside Yin Yan suddenly.

    "Since you and Little Yan are both from the Spirit Healer faculty, it is only right that he defends you and not allow you to suffer any injustice." A young and beautiful girl approached the pair and when Li Zi Mu saw the ravishing smile shine upon him, he found himself suddenly stunned.

    Li Zi Mu could not take his eyes off the beauty before him.

    "Senior Ning?" Yin Yan quickly swallowed his admonishment when Senior Ning came close.

    Senior Ning graced him with a gentle smile and turned her gaze on Li Zi Mu to say: "To have gained entry into the Spirit Healer faculty, it must have been due to your own abilities. Get along well with Little Yan there in future."

    "Yes..... yes, sure..... Se..... Senior Ning." Li Zi Mu was mesmerised by the beauty and was not entirely conscious, and just addressed the beauty as Yin Yan had.

    Senior Ning gave him another gentle smile and she threw Yin Yan a look before the two of them left the dining hall.

    Even after they had left, Li Zi Mu was still lost in rapture.

    Outside the dining hall, Yin Yan wore his displeasure upon his face.

    "Senior Ning should not have wasted your breath on such trash. My Master might have accepted him, but he had not even given him any instruction in the technique." When he saw Senior Ning grace Li Zi Mu with her smile earlier, Yin Yan had felt his heart constrict.

    Li Zi Mu was timid as a mouse and Yin Yan despised him totally.

    Senior Ning looked at Yin Yan and her smile disappeared slowly from her face. "Little Yan, do you really think Master Gu will accept just any nobody as his only disciple for the year? That Li Zi Mu might look dumb, but for him to have won Master Gu's favour, there must be a reason behind all this. Remember this, just maintain a superficially amicable relationship with him. If he turns out to be useful, it would be best if he is used by us."

    Yin Yan fell into silence a moment and erased all traces of his displeasure from his face before he lowered his head in deference. "Senior Ning is right as usual. I have been ignorant."

    "There are very few Spirit Healers around, and any additional one will only increase out might. The Li Zi Mu is dumb, but he is also easily manipulated. And his conflict with Jun Xie can be further exploited. After seeing the way Fan Jin defended Jun Xie today, can't you see that Fan Jin had placed high importance on that brat? If you have something against Fan Jin, you should make your move through his tiny little ward. Fan Jin is always careful and it has always been difficult to find fault with him. But whereas for the little Jun Xie, it is relatively easy." Senior Ning gave a light laugh. People with weaknesses are the easiest to take down.

    Yin Yan's eyes shone brightly, immediately catching on to the meaning behind Senior Ning's words.

    "Rest assured Senior Ning. I will make sure to get along with that Li Zi Mu and not allow Fan Jin and Jun Xie any peace."

    Senior Ning nodded in satisfaction.

    "If that Jun Xie does not stay on in the Zephyr Academy after this then all of this won't matter. But if he is to stay on, make good use of Li Zi Mu. His tumultuous days are just beginning and remember to not leave any traces that would link any of it back to us. If we can make Jun Xie get into big enough trouble, his dear mentor Fan Jin would be dragged in together and would definitely at least be reprimanded by the Headmaster."


    Senior Ning and Yin Yan were plotting how to make use of Jun Wu Xie to hit out at Fan Jin here while.....

    Fan Jin had totally cast away all those worrying thoughts to the wind and was leading Jun Xie  across the expansive campus of the Zephyr Academy before they came to stand before what seemed to look like someone's living quarters tucked in a corner of the Zephyr Academy.
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